Edison Tri-State Tourney – 4th Place YOSWER

4th Place! 🙂

First time I’ve felt invincible at pool in really ever.

So feelings, thoughts and opinions:
Unstoppable, in control, dominating, powerful, peaceful
Throughout the tournament, I felt as though off the table, I was my usual self, happy, friendly, fun, etc. But when I got on a table, a different person took over. I was mesmerized by the table talking to me. I danced on the table with each ball in a way. I was in total control. If I couldn’t get the correct position on the next ball, I’d just play safe. No bullshit TRYING to work magic. I worked it my way, nothing left to chance or the “pool gods.”
The tables were super super fast and I think that helped me a great deal. While most players struggled to adjust to this out-of-control speed, I was better suited with my finesse stroke and inability to draw long distances, because on these super fast greens, my drawing difficulties were disguised! 🙂
I felt like I belonged competing with these people and that is something I NEVER felt. I always felt other players were better than me and that I was simply a stepping stone to their game, while they were a practice round to mine. But this weekend, I was in control and using them.
I’ll never forget a friend came up to the chart and went looking for his name. Found and proudly in the 7-8th position so far and then noticed mine in the same one and exclaimed in shock, “Is that Gail there!?!?!”
That felt good. I like surprising people … especially myself.
Todd, the league director told me a couple of things:
I played positions and strategy at levels far above D+. I played B speed easily.
I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t nervous, I was determined and calm.
The girl in 2nd place for the Tri-State currently, Todd said, I’m better prepared for this kind of competition than she is. Mentally, and Emotionally, I am leaps ahead of her. But she has more knowledge of the game. So that is what I’ll work on next!
The most important thing he said to me though, was that I played like a rock. I was steady and maneuvered through situations taking opportunities, not chances. I must remember that!
Another costly lesson I learned was that I need to develop endurance. By midnight, I was exhausted! Completely and utterly drained. I truly believe I would have maybe taken the whole tournament had I been able to sustain the energy I had in the earlier part of the day that late at night! New goal!
So that’s it in a nutshell. I’m proud of myself. I did well. I look forward to the next tournament, though as Lou pointed out, people are now more likely to EXPECT me to play well, thus, my “silent assassin” capabilities might not be so stealth like! 🙂


~ by g2 on April 27, 2007.

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