For Purple Mountain Majesties

Spoke to my mom this morning – she’s been so depressed lately! 😦 The election really hit her hard. An army kid bred to love her country above all else. She had her purse stolen once at a concert – she cried more about the American flag pin she’d lost than the $200.

Politics are a taboo subject and I firmly believe my Papa was right when he said there are three things you shouldn’t discuss in public:

1. Politics 2. Money 3. Religion

These three subjects can be deeply rooted in a person’s heart and thus can stir a tumultuous pot of emotions if verbally abused. But this entry is not about Pro Obama or Pro McCain. It’s about taking a step forward in a united direction. The McCain and Obama pins need to be removed and replaced with an American Flag, a flag that stands for all of us, Americans!! Sometimes in agreement, sometimes not, but a democracy we are. Guided by the words of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, TOGETHER we must stand up for one another regardless if your guy won on Nov 4th.

America is a tune. It must be sung together.

Whether you were pro or anti Obama, he is our president elect and as such the Commander and Chief of America that now deserves our respect and loyalty. Part of American patriotism is honoring our President. There’s a reason that every President after his term is over looks 20 years older than he did when he was elected – it’s damn hard having that much weight and pressure on your shoulders. And to disrespect a man (or woman) who is trying their damnedest to do right by all of us?? That’s UnAmerican!! I’m sorry, but there are too many people saying “gimme gimme gimme” instead of “I can, I’ll try, and let me help.” We should honor the code of patriotism that asks us to salute the flag when we see it, hold our heart when singing the national anthem and stand up and applaud when our President speaks. We must have faith in our democratic system.

The president has a HUGE uphill battle ahead of him and the most disheartening thing to hear is the McCain supporters saying – “I can’t wait till he screws this up!” That’s the president of my country, and that kind of attitude will only slow the progress of getting us out of this mess. I’m founded in Republican beliefs and I voted McCain – but honestly we need to stop using these labels to define ourselves. I am so over the McCain lost b/c of this, and Obama is a terrorist, and Palin wore Gucci, and Biden is a twit. It’s been over a week people — the whys, hows and whos don’t matter anymore. Before we can change our future, we gotta change our own shitty attitudes. The country spoke and elected this man, now we have to help him help ourselves.

What I respect about Obama and McCain’s speeches is they both talk of this uniting of the two parties. Hell there’s speculation that Obama might choose McCain to be in his cabinet as Secretary of Defense!! I’d have a surge of respect for Obama if he chose that path as I don’t think ANYONE else would be better suited. That kind of bipartisan strategy will help console the Republican egos. Smart move Mr. President. My respect you’ll have to earn, but you’re on a good path.

I have my own personal disagreements with some of his policies … however, what is most important to me new Mr. President is not my own personal needs —

Dear Mr. Obama – please never lose sight of who the country is and where we came from. Please fly our flag more often, please honor our troops as you would your family and please uphold our Constitution as if it were the bible — please — it’s that’s sacred, it’s that binding — it’s that important. My family commands in all branches of the military – please Mr. Obama love as strongly as they do. Love America, it’s people, it’s values and it’s history as much as they do. If at Thanksgiving Dinner, your home does not fly an American Flag and your prayer does not start with America, our soldiers and our people then we have done something wrong.

It’ll be in these coming years that America will chose the country our children’s children will wake up to. On it’s current course, we will see the demise of our country and the birth of another superpower, likely a communist country who’s ideals are nothing like our wisdoms. But if we can see the beauty that lies inside our country, and look past it’s current rough exterior, we could give our future generations the same gifts of freedom that we have been blessed to live in. Mr. Obama I have hopes that you can change our current direction.

What I have the hardest time stomaching is those that feel the need to belittle America, our ideals, our freedoms, our dreams and our accomplishments. There wouldn’t be people lining up at immigration offices all around the world pleading to get in if we didn’t offer a hell of a lot more than other places. But, if you feel so inclined to damn America, by all means, buy a ticket, pack up the house, and move out! Otherwise, stop the griping, stop the self-pitying and let’s fix this place. If we continue to draw this line of red and blue amongst ourselves, we will eat away any remaining chance we have at rebuilding this country on the foundation that’s kept us on top for over 200 years.

We are Americans- no sub-description

Let’s rejoice that the people’s voices were heard and move in a united direction forward.

If you aren’t thinking red, white & blue, you aren’t listening.

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!


~ by g2 on November 13, 2008.

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