The Devil’s Lair Stirs

Sometimes salvation comes from the most unsuspecting of places & disposes of a bruised faith in people. The epic battle of right and wrong begins its climatic turn towards the happy ending.

The mind is a funny thing … It’s so easy to think the worse. Just when you think you’ve figured it all out, you know where all the players reside and all the cards they have been dealt … the Ace of Spades peeks it’s little white corner out from under your sleeve … a tantalizing battle of wits and secrecy develops.

hmm .. what to do with my ace .. “bluff it” or “all in” … hmmm …

But see, really I have no Ace. There is no Ace. The Ace is within you, always peeking.

I now know that the devil hath no friends, no confidants, no place of refuge; for they are without honor and thus their party a mere sham of appearance. When you walk the devil’s path and turmoil befalls you, you seek refuge in the sympathetic ear of an old friend. But as time goes on, some “dear old friends” have matured beyond your understanding and divined themselves a new lit path adorned with goodness, honestly and integrity – a path that said devil can’t comprehend, bitterly detests and preys on with jealousy. Pathetic attempts of closeness are mere facades that appear to be illuminations, but really are just lighting bugs that are lost in the fog of time and responsibility.

The devil is a sad case of misguided assurance, consumed by their delusions of importance and love. A voice of fabricated gospel. A fake. A liar. Hissssss.

The devil hath no friends-

—– Only ghosts chained by time, obligation and responsibility. The devil is truly alone though the darkness hides their solitude. They moves their hands feeling like the great puppeteer yet all they move is hot air. Unknowingly the strings were cut so long ago.

Real friends tell you the truth, unfiltered. Cheer for your successes and boo during your bad “choices”. They’ll pick you up when you are down and push you down as you walk the devil’s path.

Of course there are those friends who will support you no matter what you do. Applaud no matter how wrong you are and rant at the injustice of your retribution. These people are not your friends. They are puppets who’s strings coincide with your ego’s every movement – a voice that mimics your own, but is not that of free speech and wisdom. These friends are worthless at helping you make the right decision.  Painfully deceiving in guidance but feed the devil’s ego they do, and so dance she does go on.

Cut the strings and taped up mouths and you’ll find a real friend.

Be more afraid of what somewhat WON’T tell you than what someone does tell you.

The truth shall set you free for a bruised ego is a gift that gives room to improve one’s self.

I respect a person who can stand up preach the right and wrong of a situation despite the repercussions of said honor. I am grateful. I’m thankful. I am inspired.

Thanksgiving came and went … how many of you gave thanks for the friends you have.

AHA!! But how many gave thanks for the ones you’ve lost. Those too are blessings for who knows how much more pain could have been inflicted had you loved them even more. I believe that all the disappoints you encounter in life is God simply trying to make you stronger. Testing you and giving you the resilience necessary to conquer the even tougher challenges ahead and to expose the devils that walk along side you.

Heaven’s light so brightly shines on those with wings. Fly away from the grounded snakes in your life; and find peace amongst the clouds, and watch the darkness turn to light. amen. god bless. ah-choo … Gesundheit!


~ by g2 on December 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Devil’s Lair Stirs”

  1. I disagree that those who eagerly agree are necessarily worthless. The stranger who’s at the wrong place at the right time may be a breath of fresh air but i truly believe the gray area (highly underrated), errr, fog, in between exists for the greater good. It allows us to sort through the BS and encourages us to see the light.

  2. I think you’re right Steve – they aren’t completely worthless given in times of turmoil, a friendly voice can be a blessing, even just for sanity purposes. But when it comes to helping someone do the right thing, a real friend won’t lead you astray in fear of hurting them. If you can’t tell a friend they truth, are you really friends??

    I’ve updated the post to definitely show they aren’t completely without value though so thanks!

  3. I completely understand GG. I think the mind is deceptively easy to deceive (harhar), so I find it extremely helpful and comforting to often take a step back and decipher from all three perspectives (good, bad, and that damn fog in between.) Did you notice Steve-Ohh usually refers to himself in the 3rd person? =) but I get you. Honestly, there’s nothing as potent as that dose of brutal honesty, if you want my honest opinion.

  4. Patronage can sometimes do more harm than good, though, choosing a side is the patriotic thing to do, gathering people in your corner when your in battle is only natural, but there are always the one in the middle, the ones in the cross fire. It does not necessarily mean they are not your friends if they don’t stand with you.

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