Dear Kayci (in dog)


Dear Kayci,

I wish I could explain so much to you.  I wish you spoke human or I  spoke dog.

You are the sunshine on any of my rainy days.  You are a gift that could never be appraised.  Your love is so unconditional it makes me weep that such beauty comes in such a fragile form for the armor of so much goodness should be impenetrable.  You have my heart and with every labored breath you take, my heart beats just that much slower.  With every inch you drag your legs I sink that much lower and with every whimper of pain, my ears become that much louder.  I wish I could rub your legs and somehow let the pain filter through my hands and take it on myself.   I’m sorry, you shouldn’t see me cry, but still you wag your tail as if to comfort my tears and tell me, “I’m still here mom, if you need me.”    I weep, you wag.

You are my greatest reminder that love triumphs in the face of hopelessness, fight little girl, please fight.

I weep.  You wag.  I smile…..I love, you wag.




~ by g2 on December 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “Dear Kayci (in dog)”

  1. Be strong…

  2. Woohoo! I’ve been following Kayci’s story and $6,000 is peanuts when you think about it. There’s nothing more heartbreaking, IMO, than when children or animals are sick. Before you know it, she’ll be pouncing all over the place with a pretty battlescar to boot!

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