tr So I started this thread a bit ago and it never formulated to anything– so I’ll take it in a different direction….the shitty shit of the pool world.

Yesterday I actually got to take a mini lesson from Tony — quite the unusual occurrence as TR and I are so busy with with our jobs.  I’m always amazed at how much stuff he knows!  It’s unreal how he can tell exactly where the cueball is gonna go … oh to only have half that knowledge!

So the lesson involved him watching me break (helped me learn to make the corner ball nearly EVERYTIME I broke….I’m pondering whether I should kart that pool table around with me from now on) and then I’d take ball in hand and tell him my pattern strategy.  For the most part, I’d say 80% of the time, I’d get it right which surprised me given my C+ ranking leads me to think he’s just being nice, good, appeasing boyfriend, but TR knows he’d sleep on the loveseat forever if he ever placated to my emotions when it came to pool!  lol

MiniNote:  TR and I had to play eachother in Team 9-ball once and he gave me 8 games in a race to 11.  Of course, hill/hill occurs and TR misses a questionable 3-ball in the side pocket….I run out and win.  Naldo/Mike (both trouble makers) tell me months later that TR let me win.  I threw a fit, started ranting and raving to TR that *&^$&^% ^&*(%$#D@(* *^%()*%#^&*^$&!  <– code for, your lucky if you sleep in the dog bed at this point, and of course, Naldo/Mike admitted it was a joke — hardy hardy har…

Anywho, back to lesson – I’m always alittle nervous in a match when I have ball in hand that I’m not making the correct choice in my placement and pocket options and everyone around is going, “WTF? Why she’d put it there??”  As I relay this info to TR, he responds, “Look, everyone has their own comfort level – some like to draw, some follow, some like to hit the rails, some don’t trust them.  Everyone’s gonna do it differently and there not necessarily one right way to get out of a rack.”  Food for thought, ChompChompChomp….stop worrying about what other think and worry about winning the rack only!

Couple of things I reflect on for importance — learning to extend my tangent lines for further cue ball moment understanding and if I have the option to play a shot or play safe and they are both pretty equal in difficulty, go for the shot.

Oh — And somehow I’ve developed this obnoxious habit of lifting my bridge hand in the middle of my last stroke!!  WTF?!?!  I don’t know when that crept into my routine but TR picked up on it right away and when I focused on keeping it down, I pocketed alot more balls.  When I forgot about it, I noticed I’d see myself doing it and stamper like a little girl… strange as normally I’m pretty still when I’m shooting…hmmm…something to look out for.

I’ve been kinda down recently with my job.  The change in our infrastructure has put an enormous amount of pressure on me and I find I’m just exhausted by days end, so I haven’t played as much in the last six months as I would have liked, but I try to get to a table whenever possible.  I see many of my friends that get to play each night, play in the weekly tourneys, practice countless hours and a part of me sighs deeply with disappointed jealousy.

The time with TR leads me to vent on a recent bit of information I was told.  Now granted I find the characters of the pool world to be quite entertaining in their most unusual grandeur.  Some of the people that cloak the pool cue case and accessories are some of the funniest, most unique blokes on the planet.  You got your loud mouths, you’ve got your loonies, you got the always aggressive guys, or you have your loud-mouth-loony-aggressive guys, you got the sheilas that all the guys drool over, you got the GQs that mack to all the sheilas with little-to-no chance of landing her, Finnegan- need I say more, he just cracks me up all the time, the Rocketmans, the pro-player fan clubs, the gamblersanonymouses, the railbirds, the sweethearts, the naysayers, the “they could have been greats,” the “It’s not my fault!”and the players that just know they got it- arrogant or confidence — it’s all a matter of opinion.  The pool world definite has some interesting folks, and while some of the personalities listed are probably not the most liked in the bunch, they still add to the flavor that makes pool kinda funny and interesting to watch and be around.

But seriously I could really do without the “know-it-alls.”  You know the ones that feel their opinions and determinations of a player’s progress and choices are moments of great reflection and importance….something to doctrine and reflect upon for great enlightenment… bleh–

tr2 Tony and I have been dating now, gosh about 2 1/2 yrs, yeah seriously, that long already?!?!…. and he’s like the best thing since sliced bread, you know, the Italian kind, just out of the oven, smell takes over your nostrils and the salivating glands go into over drive?!?!  Throw in some marinara dipping sauce and Yell out an Emeril BAM!  Yeah, he’s really awesome.  He’s a keeper  🙂  And yes he’s a pro pool player and I’m an amateur pool player – sweet, we both have something really awesome in common.

But get this — TR and I actually don’t play pool all that much together….

<screeeeech> hold the phone!  WTF?!?  Really??

Tony and I actually enjoy a relationship outside of the pool room – you know, going out with friends, taking walks through the park, cooking together, cuddling up and watch mindless TV, hitting up the Wii (totally hooked on Wrecking Crew right now!)– couple stuff.  It’s recently come to my attention that while some smile to my face and say, “great job Gail” and “you can shoot some stick” there’s a under the breath, behind my back, say to my friends like a retard and don’t think I’ll find out about it side of pool ‘friends” that feel “Gail should be alot better given her boyfriend is Tony Robles.’

Just because Tony and I both play pool, doesn’t mean we spend our every waking moment together with him divulging the secrets of winning pool to me.  Mic check: <tap, tap tap>

<swallow hard>

As much as it pains me when that three ball out is available and I dog it … I try to remind myself that while many pool players don’t have jobs, or have jobs that don’t require in depth brain function, or simply work the 9-5 job and let it go when the 5:01 dial hits; I’m on duty for my own job nearly 50 hours a week, and on call the remaining hours of the day, and when I’m not thinking about TRI<- my company, I’m probably doing something for the Predator Tour, or somebody’s taxes, or helping another pool players business objectives, or god forbid trying to spend time with friends and family, Tony, my dog —

Seriously it actually drives me bonkers that I’m not meeting everyone’s expectations of me … It’s silly I care so much about clearly crappy people’s opinions – but sue me, I’m human!  , <insert Lauren smack as she’s tried to relay I’m a retard for caring so much>


Maybe I’m just another example of one of those pool players that thinks my opinions are moments of great reflection and importance too ….or maybe I just wish crappy poeple would stop focusing on my game and worry a bit more about their own …

<insert immature childlike 😛 >


~ by g2 on March 18, 2009.

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