Valley Forge-SBE-2009-Jump On It-dude…….9th-16th

Valley Forge — wow, what a trip —

Ok, let’s rewind to Thursday night team 9-ball for a spell…So we played a very low handicapped team – normally I would tell you that it’s a win b/c we are a higher ranked team – lol…. well, miss thing over here proceeded to watch 9-ball combo after 9-ball combo develop right in front of me…I wanted to gouge my own eyes out.

Note to self:  The book says, if you’re a D, go for the 9-ball combos!  Whack it, Smack it, Kneel Down, Pray.  why not right?  I mean, seriously, sometimes, you just wanna win when you’re a beginner.  I know for me, my team 9-ball record was all that mattered when I was a D.  I didn’t care how I got the win, so long as the big “W” was next to my name…Well…

I gave three on the wire and I was down 5-1 before I knew it…and from then on I simply lost myself in the match.  I moved, I swerved, I stroked, I looked like a pool player, just not a very good one and I just dogged it.  It was a train wreck – an ugly one.  and I couldn’t be stopped from my downward spiral!!  I didn’t take a break when I should have, I didn’t take coaches when I should have, I just continued down my own plank!!  Garrrrr….

And honestly in retrospect, and most of my pool peeps are gonna slap me for this one, I’m happy for my opponent.  (yeah right you say?)  lol  -She put her first win of the season under her belt and moved the beads across the wire helping her team get such a big lead, that my team really never had a chance after the first round.  I felt like I’d let my team down so much as I’m suppose to win that match, but that’s just how it rolls sometimes. It was an embarrassment for me that I believe helped me muster up the fire in me for the weekend…

Valley Forge – virgen Vally Forge goer here–

Excitement Level check :                   TEN BOOYAHS!

Venue is the nuts!!  Drive was quick (Naldo’s = good road buddy – so long as I get to enjoy English music, and not “one bourbon, one scotch, one AAHHHHH!  We talked most of the time anyways….can’t believe that a couple of years ago I didn’t even know this guy and now he’s like a family member to me…)

vf3 Tony signed me up on the ladies alternate list as work once again didn’t permit me to plan a definite appearance to the expo…but unfortunately not enough girls cancelled to let me play – or so I thought….get a call about 7:20 – “um Gail, they’re calling your name!  I think you’re in!”  Race down and sure as shit, I got a match!  wooohoo!  Haven’t shot a ball on these tables, didn’t expect to play, don’t care!!!  I’m in!

It’s bar box 9-ball, race to 4, best out of 3 sets.  Tony’s there supporting me which, good or bad, I always feel stronger with him around.  TR=My Rock. My first opponent doesn’t speak very good English, but I’m fresh off the drive, had a drink and a shot with Naldo, feeling nice and loose, just looking to play some pool, no strings, no worries – we both start off slow, I think we’re both a bit nervous!  I end up winning the 1st set 4-3 and the second one 4-2 (I think.)  I played decent, much better toward the end.  I make most of the hard shots and miss the hangers…hmmm… can you say disrespect!!  I’m so tired of disrespecting the easy shots.  Why do all the heavy lifting and then hand over the rack … new goal, close the rack, it might actually help me win …lol

I discovered something else about myself this weekend — I play better pool when I stay focused and confident, but still don’t lose my sense of humor.  I never lost sight that this was suppose to be a fun experience and a good time and I think that helped relieve some of the pressure to perform.  I got back into dead stroke, and I mean for real, I felt good, saw the patterns, took the hard shots like they were nothing!  I mean, I didn’t feel nervous, anxious and scared once!  I just played my game….

Still lifting my bridge hand up sometimes – ugh.  Work in progress….

I won my second match in three sets, lost the first set 4-3 (after being down 3-0,) won the second 4-1 and the third 4-0.

As I played, I kept glancing over at Linda’s match and feeling so happy to see her shoot.  She was playing so well and confident too!  It was so awesome seeing her run out, look strong and play well….I enjoy seeing my fellow girls from the NY area compete and represent.  The women are kinda different in that way – they are really supportive of one another and I like that camaraderie.  Go 1UP!

Won my third match the following morning at 8 am!  Yowser was it early.  Had to appease the Nalderator so had a glass of wine before bed and didn’t get more than 4 hours sleep – I honestly can’t remember what my 3rd opponent looked like.  Oh wait, it’s coming back to me…. actually nope, don’t know.  Oh, yes I do—nice woman!  We played, I won the first set, (score?), she won the second and I won the 3rd, 4-0.  I played kinda in a coma, but the good one, where you’re brain isn’t conscientiously thinking of what to do, it’s just in auto-pilot… yeah, it’s going good.  I’m quite tired at this point, but the venue is so awesome and I wanna be awake and meet everyone and support my other girls….I quickly scoot back and forth between Linda’s match and Olga’s match to lend my support – Linda struggled and her opponent kept leaving Linda tough when she missed, and Olga, while exhausted, kept coming up with the shots despite her blahness… Linda lost in the third set,:(, while Olga took it! 🙂

Get a break so I can go watch TR play – he struggled against Corey his first match and lost 10-6.  Said he played terrible….if he only could see how good he could be if he just put in the time…I wish for so many good things for him.  He’s so amazing and I hope I can witness the day he has it all just come together for him and feel the glory of success in a sport he cares so deeply for…..kiss kiss


More Frank sightings available at:

Frank, Pool’s RockStar BullDog Mascot, Pics

He played well against a kid I didn’t know.  But had a tough one against the dreaded Mexican – ugh –Ignacio may be the next Shin Park for TR….lol – it’s 3-0 right now Chavez….

4th match – played well!  My opponent struggled with the lighting and her shoes slipping she says – neither seem to effect me.  I won the first set 4-3, lost the second one 4-1, then won the last 4-0.  Third donut in a row during the 3rd set.  Could the trend continue?!?!  F-O-R-E-V-E-R ….

no. 🙂

5th match – played Sherry Fredrick (I remember the name b/c as I checked out the bracket on Sunday, she took 3rd!)  I played gooood … she played goood…I thought in the beginning she’d take me out quick….

At this point in my SBE experience, I’m kinda feeling that I’m at where I’m at in the tournament based principally on sheer luck and good fortune…while, I can attest to playing solid pool, there’s still a part of me that feels I just don’t belong this far along in the tournament chart and I actually looked at my opponent once and said to myself, “she probably wants this more than me and deserves it more….”

Ok, seriously you can all just smack me a once…

the moment I had this thought, I looked over at Naldo and he gave me that little, “com’n Gail” fist thingy and it woke me up—I don’t want to let him or TR or anyone down…and then I thought …. Gail, don’t let yourself down!  Live in this moment right now!  Enjoy it!  (Seriously, I was having this exact conversation in my mind…. while Sherry is running out!)  And then, she scratched on the 8-ball.  Gear….

I lose the first set on the hill just after my epiphany.  Second set, the table is mine – the layouts were just there, my break was solid and Thursday nights dread became clear.  God was simply showing me my own future.  I took the set 4-0 with three 9-ball caroms.  There weren’t all easy caroms either, but cuetable diagrams in my head I could actually command my arm to do….

The feat of 4 donuts in this tournament for me, I’m proud of…it’s not often I can command myself to not let up.  Normally my silly little mind starts writhing with guilt over slop, or good rolls, or whatever, and while much to the dismay of my friends I still will squeak out an apology when a good roll comes my way, I didn’t let them stop me from closing the set.

My doom came in the 4th set – Two shots I will be working on….

Coming soon—cuetable diagram of shots I need to work on….ironically, I did the voiceover for cuetable’s tutorial on how to create and link –LOL, I should go watch it again to learn how to post it to here!!


I ended up losing the last set 4-2.  While, I’m proud of myself for doing so well (Placed 9th-16th and made $300 buckaroonies) I need to learn to trust myself and believe in my abilities….it’s very easy to say, “I don’t get to play as much, practice as much, learn as much, etc….the truth is, I can play this game and half the battle is just believing in that!  <cue uplifting-inspiring-cheesy theme music> “I believe I can fly—I believe I can touch the sky …

cuetable layout

So recap:  VF is the SHIITE!  I think I may have preferred it to Vegas—ah, maybe not, but it is a great Pre-Vegas experience!  What I liked most about it were the players —  I’m sorry, but in Vegas I feel like everyone is so serious, at least the women are, and they can be so mean and bitchy and snappy and EH!  I mean com’n relax already!  Let’s be good sports and just shoot some pool….if you gotta be a bitch to your opponent to get into dead stroke, well, I think you SUCK!  <-not a pool, but as a person…..

May the best player win.  That’s how I feel, of course, I’m too perky for some but 😛

vf To close, a little sir Mix-a-Lot breakdown grooves – Naldo shakin it memories that will last FO-EVER!!


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