Is Seeing the Good In People just Being Naive?


You got two choices in life – spend your life being a good person; follow most of the rules, do unto others as you wish others would do unto you, act in a way you won’t be embarrassed about the next day (well not too much anyways,) don’t eat the sacrificial lamb if that lamb’s name is Friend, etc. etc. etc.

Or, you can be a douschbag <- dirtbag, scumbucket, big meany, jerkoff, bad dude.

Personally I think that the majority of people are not crappy –  there are so many awesome cool people in my life and I thank my lucky stars I didn’t just do what was easiest and stay in Florida.

Though I could really use a beach and a bikini right now with a side of umbrella drink please.

I do, however, believe that the selfish nature of some … well, just really sucks!

To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them.

And because of this inherent selfish nature of some, they think that everyone else is selfish…

It’s like the cheating boyfriend that screams at his girl every time she talks to another guy, wears a sexy outfit or goes out with friends — raving that she’s an unfaithful slut.  When in reality, the only reason he’s insecure about what she’s doing is because he know he’s a dirtbag and thinks she’s gotta be one too…

I was in this relationship years ago and while I NEVER cheated, nor would I ever have cheated, I was still branded with the “you’re not to be trusted" charm regardless of my unwavering loyalty.

As a kid, you’re instinctively selfish.  You want food, you want sleep, you want the object you’re pointing out—and if you don’t get it, you cry, wail, rant and are pissed till you get it—Then you’re taught to respect others, think about how your actions affect others, share, be thoughtful, be good… and from, I don’t know, 5 till maybe 16, you follows these virtues…You worry about what others say, worry what your friends think, get embarrassed easily, look for approval, etc.

As you get older, those insecurities start to subside and you become more comfortable in your own skin and become more determine to get your way.  Out for numero uno I guess you say… My dad says this will happen to me…so in my rebellious, always-gotta-prove-my-daddy-wrong will, I fight nature – or am I fighting nurture … I fight the release of my pink colored glasses.

Naivety – a gift or a flaw … I guess it depends on how you use it.  For example, I won’t talk to her again – she’s done, dead and gone in my book – a choice learned by the gift of my previous naive flaw – example #2 – it’s not personal, it’s business … but what about friends in business.  Is it a flaw to believe in the value of friendship or perhaps a flaw to doubt the friendship?   I mean, so long as each other’s goals are the same and stamped with the “together we stand” logo, you’re good to go.  But how easily the little green pieces of paper can turn friends to foes.

Paper beats Rock every times so Cut it out!

Well, the ease of the green monster’s pull depends on each partner’s own value system.  No matter how good natured and pure one partner is, if the other has dined off the plates of friends in the past, he’ll always be on the look out for his own treacherous ways to find him and return the favor. And so for protection, out for numero uno rears it’ ugly head and we are now trading mutually beneficial for mutual exclusivity.

Gansta T

I wish more people noted that mutually beneficial leaves both parties with full plates and clear consciences while the latter just makes you a JERK, perhaps richer, perhaps in a nicer suit, perhaps with a better view, but you’re still a Jerk.

<- Some people are simply immune to the greed virus –

and are preyed on by the infected.

And I retract my better view, because the view in the mirror became a hell of alot worse and that’s the view that really counts.  I know I always refer to my “can you look yourself in the mirror” bit, but I find it to be a strong visual aid for me… My cute little Kris Allen <swooooon> sang Man in the Mirror a couple weeks back – ahh 🙂

One of the biggest challenges in life is to be surrounded by evil, and still be able to walk away good.

"You’re not quite evil enough. You’re semi-evil. You’re quasi-evil. You’re the margarine of evil. You’re the Diet Coke of evil, just one calorie, not evil enough." – Dr. Evil, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me


~ by g2 on March 27, 2009.

One Response to “Is Seeing the Good In People just Being Naive?”

  1. If there weren’t any kind of evil, then how can you tell how good you are? Me-personally? @ first when I come across would be evil, I stand a distance, then, draw near, then in time I see the stem of the evil, then the root, then the soil from once it came. People are accountable for there action no matter what the foundation, still, I try my best to make the right choice in regards to who is really being harmed and who is really causing any harm.

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