Classy Acts – Jen Barretta

Would just like to applaud Jennifer Barretta for being a class act amongst the sharks.  While many players

<cough, sore losers, cough, clear throat, sleezeballs, hack, dirtbags, ahem, cough, pathetically desperate, cough cough, ahem, whew>

would have jumped at the opportunity to win a game they didn’t deserve based on a “handshake concession” rule, Jen bucked up and owned her excruciatingly painful pocket speed 9-ball scratch at hill/hill with a “because I didn’t deserve to win.”

Hopefully this will inspire some players to realize that winning isn’t everything, and cash doesn’t buy you class.

Classy Chica <click me!


~ by g2 on April 7, 2009.

One Response to “Classy Acts – Jen Barretta”

  1. You’re right, that is indeed a class act. In our sport especially, where so few would have even considered doing what she did. I hope this can be an example to many that you’re not a sap for calling a foul on yourself, you’re a person of integrity. Thanks to Jennifer Barretta for doing the right thing, and thanks to you for calling it to our attention.

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