Girl Dedicates Soho Win To the Silent Assassin on His Birthday!!

<insert crowd “awes!”>

I won the Soho weekly tournament. Meeeeoooow!

Ok it was a really small tourney – only 13 players <giggle> – fine, rain on my parade if you must …… 

TR instruction warning: it’s the experience and practice that really will make a difference going forward.  Small or big, it helps you get comfortable winning.

Technically you could say I won during the Tri-State Invitational.  The Invitational works like little mini tourneys to get to the final.  You play within your division, then play the divisions closest to you and if you win those you get to the finals….so while I technically have the “1st placed C division” & “1st place C/D division” plaques, for me they kinda don’t count.  It’s all too technical –for me.  Recap on my Tri-State experience?!?!?!

Ask and I shall deliver– Tri-State Invitational – First Tournament Win – First Final – First “oh god I’m nervous” moment!

I didn’t win the Invitational – I didn’t win it, so I didn’t win the tournament.  Period – no sugar for me if you please.

The plaques kinda reminded me of that feeling when you’re parents say, ‘you’re beautiful honey, and perfect and if other boys don’t see that then then they are not worthy of you!” 

<gag!> Please end moment of unhelpful but thanks for trying, didn’t think I could feel worse about myself but I do, consolation prize from mommy dearest which don’t count, moment of embarrassment  … Great little pep talk but now more therapy required.

Ok, so many I enjoyed them a little bit more than all that drama, but I still wanted to be the ultimate winner – and if you read the above reference blog entry – I DOGGED it —


However this time at Soho I did really win.  I got to the hot seat after a bye and three matches and then won the finals 5-3.  Mr. Fuentes posted a very nice recap of the event if you fancy —

William Fuentes = Awesomeness

The hot seat was a totally different feeling — hotseat

For the record, it’s like waaaaay easier being there!  LOL … I got to watch the other players battling it out to get to the finals and I’m thinking, “that looks really hard – glad it ain’t me!!  <bite down on famous Snickers “energy” bar, the candy of champions, rest head on TR’s magic shoulder and take a mini cat nap as all TR’s pool skills magically osmosis themselves into my body> zzzzz….…

I got to watch how the other players played, got to take a break for a bite to eat, got to relax, de-stress, regroup … I could list a bunch of nonsense crap that sounds good right now to further highlight the semi-mythical/semi-truthful advantages of winning the hot seat, but honestly nothing beats rest and getting to educate yourself on your incoming opponent.   

And it’s so cool to be the only girl and take it.  I mean, in the environments I play in, men usually don’t have the chauvinistic attitude of, “oh it’s just a girl!”  Many of them have learned the hard way that crow tastes like crap!  But I still get some sick pleasure out of a girl beating the boys – perhaps I’m chauvinistic …. can girls be that?!?!  Maybe feministic …. a chauvinistic feminis-tic-ist?!?!

I walked away from the tourney with a realization – I often craved being the winner of a pool tourney – thinking that the notoriety or the cash or maybe the instilled fear in my mack-daddy pool skills would now help my opponents quiver with anxiety … <LOL>

Riiiiiight …. I

thought perhaps one of these results would make the win worthwhile.  But in the cab ride home afterwards, TR asked how I felt, and truthfully I felt no different.  I’d kind of already forgotten about the whole “winning a tourney” thing and simply was at peace that my head and arm were in sync. 

To a pool player, having this harmony of brain and pendulum arm be in tune is like pitching a perfect game in baseball.

The glory, well, perhaps some need to relay to everyone else around them the recounts of how magnificent a player they are … <insert finger down throat motion> but me personally, being proud of myself – that’s more important to me than all the congratulations in the world. 

Believing in yourself is something I think a lot of pool players struggle with.  I have to be comfortable with winning before I can win.   

Winning isn’t everything, but the will to win is everything.

Thank God Soho started this – while Masters has their weekly Monday and Wednesday tournament that I could play in…for a girl, it’s just not safe to go out there alone.  In Manhattan, Soho is close and a great opportunity to compete and continue getting comfortable in the action.  I can’t thank George and the people at Soho enough for starting this.  I hope it becomes very successful 

And the best part of the evening was that technically, I won it on Tony’s birthday.  And being the loving supportive rock in my game (and my life,) he was there to watch me pocket every winning 9-ball …. Happy Birthday Love. 


~ by g2 on April 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Girl Dedicates Soho Win To the Silent Assassin on His Birthday!!”

  1. Nice win! You surely deserved it! Hope you both enjoyed TR’s day. See you both in Vegas. HUGS!!!

  2. Congrats Gail!! Great to hear there’s a weekly tourney at Soho, I’ll have to check it out when I get back.

    Can’t wait to see my KOD girls in Vegas!

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