“A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning.”

Being afraid to win?

I’ve heard of being afraid to lose…but being afraid to win?  Sounds retarded right?  Well I had this convo with TR a while back and need to explain my rational on the topic ……

Winning isn’t everything, but the will to win is everything.”   —Billie Jean King Tennis Pro

I was trying to learn more on the subject when I found this article…

WARNING: Yet another article that discusses golf, used to relay information about pool!  (Oh the constant reminder of golf’s success and pool’s failure!) <tear, pound fist>

Driven man at the mercy of a cruel sport   —  By Alison Kervin  <– CLICK ME

The heart of the article hit me when it read:

With some people it’s a fear of winning that holds them back.

“People are frightened of winning. They are out of their comfort zone. It’s like shoving someone in the centre circle at Old Trafford. <- (big football stadium in England) Some people would love that, others would stand back and say they’d rather be in the crowd. A lot of us are like that — a lot of guys are frightened of winning and don’t want to have all the hoopla and press and the carry-on that goes with it. Some are comfortable coming fifth, some are comfortable coming 25th. I’m only comfortable when I’m not losing, which means winning. I think I’m sometimes afraid of winning, but I’m much more afraid of losing.”

As crazy as it sounds, this sort of makes sense.  If I’m thinking about myself, for example, I have no problem getting up and talking in front of large crowds of people, I’m very self-assured, confident, yada yada yada.  And in a large group, while some crave the spotlight relentlessly, I’m quite indifferent to either being the focus of the conversation or focusing on someone else.  Kinda depends on my mood I guess…

SCREEEEECH!!!  HOWEVER, when it comes to be fawned upon, while everyone has a part in them that enjoys the praise, and I’m no different, I usually have a limit to the “Gail is so Great” lines before my upchuck reflex is initiated. 

I turn red, bow my head down and usually do the girly slap of the shoulder ‘stop it’ move. 

TR has a tendency to talk about me a lot – awe <sheepish grin>.  And while my heart flutters that he cares so much and thinks so highly of me, most of the time when he begins his onslaught of “did you hear the latest great thing my baby did” rendition, I normally let him get out the bare minimum of details and cut him off from elaboration. 

Why?  Because I feel like, “Babe, they just don’t care that much about it.  And I don’t want to bore them.  And I don’t want that kind of attention.” 

“I want to be humble.”

Oh my humble pie …. Mmmmm, tastes like matzo crackers…..

….the reason for my self-induced duck tape. 

Perhaps I don’t want people to think I’m full of myself – I hate this quality in others so I strive desperately to be on the far other side of the spectrum. 

Where does confidence end, and conceited begin? 

The subjectivity of that question is immeasurable.  My personal perspective, confident people rarely say a word, they just win.  Once words enter the arena, you begin your dance with conceited.  Like I said, it’s very subjective though.           

Does this need to be modest prevent me from sealing the deal when running out? 

No I say, No! 

I am more comfortable saying I jumped up, swerved, picked the wrong aim point, etc.  Those excuses don’t make me retarded, they just keep me an amateur. 

But my recent trek down memory lane regarding the Invitational tourney made me think hard about the three ball out I dogged at hill/hill. 

And oddly enough, if I’m honest.  I was NOT shaking because my brain was saying, “Oh god, what if I miss???” 

Actually I was thinking, “Oh god I might win this…..”

I think I was afraid to win. 

Before the match started, I don’t think I EVER said, “I’m gonna win this SOB!” 

(I definitely didn’t say it out loud, because I’m not conceited…LOL)

I didn’t have that conviction in my thoughts.  I’m ashamed to admit that I actually was thinking, “I’m so proud of myself for getting this far!” 

I need therapy – anyone know a good “I’m retarded” sports psychologist if you please…

My new goal – to not be satisfied simply finishing strong – I will face my fear of winning head on and I will win – Geronimooooooooooo

<enter goose bump moment of divine inspiration>


~ by g2 on April 9, 2009.

3 Responses to ““A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning.””

  1. Sometimes, but not always, you don’t have to win a match to win the game…

  2. Lots of good quotes there 🙂

    I also like the quote:
    “Amateurs practice till they do it right – Champions practice till they can’t do it wrong”

    Nice blog!

  3. I have the same problem. I think there is that fine line between conceite and assurance. I think one of the most admirable quality’s is one who can take a commpliment and simply say “Thankyou”. That doesn’t mean I agree with you, but I am gratefull you think so. Good post. miss ya girl. Bird

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