For an impenetrable shield, stand inside yourself

To everyone: Pool Players, Friends, Family & even Foes:


If ever you feel like life has thrown you a bad hand, a shitty roll, an unlucky draw … if ever you feel it’s all unfair, always remember that it could ALWAYS be worse, it could always be harder, and scariest of them all, when it’s really really bad, it could always be worse.

There was a grey cloud amongst the triumph of Tony Robles’ win at the Predator event this past weekend at Cue Bar in Bayside Queens.  A very dear friend of ours was shockingly attacked by an infection (I think it’s STREPTOCOCCUS MILLERI INFECTION) that put him in the hospital and tragically he had to have part of his left arm and part of his leg amputated.   

An Open player on our tour and frequent player of the Tri-State Tour, Scott played some amazing pool with a fearlessness few have.  Put him up against Tony, Ginky, Shin, Mika, you name it, he didn’t care….he was out for blood.  He would NEVER back down, let up, or surrender. 

Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.

My heart can not comprehend something like this happening.  When you hear about these things on the news, they happen to strangers and it kind of makes them sort of figments of our imagination set to remind us of what to be thankful for. 

But they don’t hit this close to home!  They don’t happen to people you know!  Then it would be real.  Then you have to face it head on and come to terms that it’s not a hoax, or a story – it’s reality – it’s real – it’s staring you right in the face!

I now try and balance how my heart ache’s for what he goes through, with my own awareness of how much I take for granted in life – treading lightly not to sadden his situation more with my own self awareness.kaciandI

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

My wheel of emotions:

Initially I’m devastated – my heart breaks, my eyes swell and I’m plagued with the mental images of seeing him bounce around the pool rooms, stirring up trouble, calling people out, and running out tables. 

Do me a favor, ask yourself what kind of person you think you are? 

Do you think you’re Strong?

How about a Fighter?

Are you Fearless?


So you think you’re pretty tough?  You think so huh?

Now that you’re so great, just try for a moment to picture:

Tomorrow, you no longer have your left arm …

And I’m not just saying it to say it, I mean it. 

Look down at your hand right now and picture it not being there! 

Picture that for a moment!  Really let that sink in.  Now, tell me, how strong are you, how fearless, how courageous? 

The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.

As I look at my hands, I don’t know what I’d do.  I fear I’d be quite weak.  I fear I’d want to give up and hate the world for the rest of my life …

I’m afraid.

I hope I wouldn’t, but you just don’t know the kind of person you really are, until you walk in those shoes.

My Ferris Wheel of emotions continues….

I’m angry that this happened.  This is the part of life I do not understand.  Loss.  Tragedy.  Despair.   While I accept that a function of appreciating true happiness is the understanding and resilience through true sadness, I am still disturbed by the message’s method of delivery.

I bury my head in the sand once more as the bombs go off around me.  My ass is burned, but my head stays filled with flowers and sugar coating.        

The Wheel goes round and round and round —-

And with my eternal optimism, I’m hopeful and thankful that for this to happen to anyone, it happened to a man that it so strong and determined; a true fighter.  This won’t defeat him … Scott won’t let this beat him.  He is too powerful, too tenacious, too rambunctious …..

Scott’s too big.  

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

The Predator Tour will be choosing one our stops this season and name it in Scott’s honor.  Paul Raval was kind enough to shoot a video at this weekend’s stop of all the players wishing Scott their best! 

I hope that the medical technology we are blessed with today will be advanced enough to let Scott continue to showcase the amazing talent he has on the pool table.

My prayers have you front and center Scott…be strong and never let up.


~ by g2 on April 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “For an impenetrable shield, stand inside yourself”

  1. You are a poet! I mean it, I enjoy reading your blog and can identify with a lot of the things you have to say. Keep it up! Also, sorry for your friend, it’s a bummer to be reminded that by default our health is fleeting.

  2. Thank you Cody, that is very sweet of you to say — I just hope everyone values what they have rather than be bitter with what they don’t have…. keep sending the positive vibes for him!! Cheers!

  3. Wow. I am blown away.

    Hearing this sad news I am taken back and am filled with disbelief.

    Scott is known for his impressive powerhouse break, aggressive shot-making and swagger around the table.

    He has one of the biggest hearts in the game, and super nice guy off the table.

    It is great that the Predator Tour is naming a stop in his honor and it is great that there is a support from the pool world. (Great work Paul)

    For those who did not know Scott – he is a force to be reckoned with. He embodies strength and will. I cannot even imagine what he must be going through. My heart and thoughts go out to him and his family.

    I am not sure if Scotty will every be able to play pool again… which is a thought that I don’t want to even think about at this moment. His talent for the game is one in a million, and his swagger could not be replicated.

    The Tri-State area pool scene will never be the same.

    I will follow up shortly with a story for on his impact shortly after I get all the details. Stay Strong Scotty!!! – JT

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