Rite Aid Bawl-A-Thon – Gangsterish


I’m staring at the “After Easter” Sale of Pink and Yellow Peeps, they are all blurry?  Why?

No, I’m not high…

Does crying in the Rite-Aid next to RAXX make me less of a gangster?!?

Perhaps. But even gangsters cry … maybe less often that I, but I’m sure they do.

Thus, I don’t think my badassness has been revoked simply due to a moment of disenchantment with the game.

Dude, if I haven’t already discussed my disgust for the luck part of 9-ball, let me state, It totally BLOWS!

It’s quite discouraging to play the right safety three times, and have each one of my “C-B”playing opponents kick/slop/perfect position the ball in.  Give each of them that same shot 50 more times, and they’d maybe make it once.

Gangsters don’t bitch though, they get-er-dun! <southern g2 yeehaw moment!>


And honestly, I had my chances and didn’t capitalize.  I let myself get behind in each one of my matches and while I’m proud to say I clawed my way back to a respectable score in some of them…

I still can’t expect to play strong players, get behind, and believe I am going to win.  In the end, it rests on my shoulders like an ugly moo moo dress.

Wendy, please provide me with a Dammit Doll … Gangsters don’t play with dolls, but this gangsta will.

I cried about a pool game….it’s official, I’m a wussy girl…dammit!

Lump above my ass is defective….


~ by g2 on April 23, 2009.

One Response to “Rite Aid Bawl-A-Thon – Gangsterish”

  1. “did i ever tell you…” HAHAHA!

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