The Six Bunnies Left Standing – Kiss of Death

^^^  Push Play Already!!!! ^^^

Queen has taken over my mind….

My soul dances to the triumphant piano chords and my hearts sings with such joy, that tears flow at the moment a congratulatory hug begins it’s process. 

I am humbled by a victory so sweet, bees would discover their ineptitude and feel envy.

KOD – 3rd times a charm.  We did it, undefeated, unmatched, unwaveringly.  We did it….unafraid.

I cried again in Vegas….only this time, they were tears of complete Kissofddeath with scriptJOY!

My girls team won!  Kiss of Death!! 

Every single girl on my team proved that a winning team is a unity of souls and a delivery of the single message – "we will not surrender…"

To give a detailed account of each match would be like asking Napoleon to commentate on Waterloo’s every casualty. An impossibility.  However, let me say that every single girl proved that they are to be feared, and each one of them punished anyone that took them for granted.  We had no weak links. 

We were the Spartans of Vegas!   …. <in really cute attire might I say>

Ok, so my war march speeches may be heavily intoxicated by TR’s fascination with the movie 300 while we were in Vegas!    Our inspirational clip come Friday morning at 3-0?

ahhhh … I love this movie!  It inspires me. 

So initially, when we got to Vegas, the buzz around us was more about the common denominator of "pretty" in our team. 

Pool Cue News Article

While it was quite flattering to have multiple acknowledgements about the visual appeal of our team, I think it also made us all even more determined to prove that we are not just eye candy on a table.  We can really play too.  Olga says, "I don’t want to be the Hottest Team in Vegas, I want to be the Best Team in Veags…."  We all agreed and so our goal was set.

We were a united team from start to finish.  For the most part, everyone shared the spotlight, everyone believed in their fellow sister, everyone believed in the team. 

Kill the Bunny — our mantra!! 

Where does kill the bunny stem from….kill bunny

Well Jerry T once said to Emily, "look when you get on a table and play, it’s like you’re playing against a bunny.  A cute little innocent bunny. 

And you bat the bunny around, you rough play with it alittle, you look at how cute it is, feel sorry for it sometimes, marvel at it’s little frame. 

But if you wanna win, you gotta stop f-in around and just KILL THE DAMN BUNNY! 

"Tonight we fight.  tonight, they DIE!" …. 300 quote.

Emily proceeded to relay this bit of divine inspiration to cutesy little Michi, and it just kind of took over as the theme of our team.

And so wabbit season it became … and we did kill us alot of wabbits!!kod kill bunny

As captain, I can’t begin to fully express the honor I felt in my responsibility to these girls.  They all were fearless with nothing but resolve.  Being captain is quite the difficult place to be at times.  In the glory of winning, it’s the cherry on my CAKE and hearing my girls praise my choices was perhaps more meaningful to me than any 8-ball I pocketed. 

Important decisions are difficult to make — that’s what makes them important. They are best made by someone who is in charge — a commander — who is in command for a reason.  Like, for being right before.  Being in command is not much of a popularity contest.  …. Unless the chips are down — then you get REAL popular.     

— my Dad

The true mark of leadership is in the face of defeat and struggle. That’s when the captain’s role truly tests your faith in the team   

……. and in yourself.

I didn’t want to let them down, make the wrong choice, let my personal feelings get in the way of doing what was right for every girl’s mind, heart, game and confidence.

When we are debating an issue, loyalty means giving me your honest opinion, whether you think I’ll like it or not. Disagreement, at this stage, stimulates me. But once a decision has been made, the debate ends. From that point on, loyalty means executing the decision as if it were your own.

— Colin Powell

As captain, you try to do your best to listen to your army, and then make a rational decision based on all the information available.  Sometimes it’ll be right, sometime wrong.  But in the end, the designated captain needs to lead, and the troops need to trust.  Once trust is lost, the dominos begin their clicky-click fall and the battle slips away….

I don’t know what the key to success is, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.

Every girl played in the final game — I am most proud of THAT decision and I believe THAT is why we won.  No negativity.  No fear.  Faith in one another is what leads to victory. 

If you put yourself in front of the team, it becomes a visible weakness of your defense – the hidden goat path — and eventually, the enemy will discover it.   

If you are the captain and you do this, you are guilty of far more than selfishness, you’re guilty of treason.   

When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality.

I can honestly say I believe in every girl on KOD.  Every girl had a moment in Vegas that they can look back on and say, "Wow, I really helped make us Champions!"

I’m so proud of my girls….so proud…

kod out!

Sure God created man before woman.  But then you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece….. 

With all this philosophical foofoo talk, were we ever against the wall? Were we ever on edge? Were we ever "under pressure, dun dun dun dunananun, under pressure…"   no one h8

…. ahem, enter team "No On H8" from California.   

These girls remind me soo much of my softball girls from high school. 

Our toughest team by FAR.  And ironically, they were my favorite team.  Why?  They were REAL players.  Tough, Respectful, Honest.  They came to play the game.  No bullshit, no drama, no cattiness.  The moment the coin flipped, it was play ball, not play games. 

They were tough competitors (the only team to take us to the hill) and they were true sportswomen.  After we won, they gave us nothing but praise, came to watch our matches, rooting us on and being incredibly gracious women.  They are wicked strong and hella good girls!

I believe this team will win the whole thing next year, in fact, I’d count on it.  Look out Open!

Ok, so small recap of the finals??

kod 2

1st round — down 1-4 <OUCH>

2nd round — down 3-7  <Eeek>   

3rd round — we were down, 9-6!!!

Yo!  We were down!! 

We had EVERY, and I do mean EVERY bad roll in the book — and I’m not one to normally say, "oh the bad rolls" but seriously, it was a domino effect.  Round one, Emily and I both had these FLUKE scratches on the 8-ball.  Emily made a sick shot on the 8 and I think went 3 rails and scratched.  I got great on the 8-ball, made it in and the cue ball bounced off the 13-ball to trickled in the opposing pocket. 

Round two saw the worst of it though.  First Emily starts off running  out the rack at lightening speed as she normally does, is PERFECT on her last two balls and boom, MISCUE!  6-ball titties up. 

Then, Olga on table three gets great on her last ball and all of a sudden, gets snookered on her last ball.

Then on table three I get good on my last ball, the 2-ball, make it and the cue ball, in the slowest of fashions, drifts off so I can play the 8 in the side as planned, and at the last minute nestles behind the 11-ball. 

Then Borana makes a fantastic shot for her last solid, comes one rail to shoot the 8-ball and again, last second, the ball nestles on top of the opponents stripe.  It was insane. 

But I must credit Miss Ally for sending us right back into the thick of things with this AMAZING shot….  

‘ target=_blank>’ target=_blank>’ target=_blank>’ target=_blank>’ target=_blank>Ally’s Out  <-Click Me!! doll(oh poop Cuetable! Wei Help!)

At 9-9 it came down to Ms. Duddy and Ms. Andoni closing the door on Pool Party and allowing Kiss of Death to be the champions!!

And of course, where would we be without our Dammit Doll and Zen frog???  Our silent comrades.  

Star moments and quotes for me personally?

Borana   "I pick you up Gail and you pick me up!  We’re a good team!"  <- support

"take me out, it’s not fair to the team" <- selflessness

Emily "thank you for putting me on your team last year.  I’m so proud to be a part of it.  This trip was more than I could have hoped 4." <- gratitude 

"I’m going to my room and getting a good night sleep.  I wanna win this, I don’t wanna take any chances!" <-responsibility

Gail "Emily, it’s just another rack babe…."  <-pep talks

spectator, "what’s the score?" Gail, "9-7 us…" spectator, "oh it’s over!" Gail, "It’s not over till the bunny’s DEAD!" <- Relentless pursuit

Michele "thanks for believing in me when I don’t believe in myself." <- faith 

"Kill the f-in bunny!!"  <- Fight

Ally "I can do this Gail."  <- Confidence

Olga We have good energy, good karma will come <- Positivity

"We play sexy pool." <- Laughs kod 3

And on this note, as we ate breakfast at Kady’s before our first match of the tourney, we were all giggling, screwing around and having a good time and a woman came up to us and said, "I think you guys will win this whole thing because as I see you all laughing and joking around, I see a team having fun and that’s what matters!!"

She’s right.  While winning takes determination, skill and consistency, there also must be an element of enjoyment that’s not associated with the winning. 

You need to enjoy your surroundings, your company, your craft, your goal. 

If you don’t smile in the midst of your journey, you aren’t fully feeling the power of the team’s HEART. 

Heart is the most powerful tool in any team’s arsenal.

Kiss of Death – 2009 BCA’s Women’s Open Team Champions!!

kod wins

 poetry by William Fuentes …..

The right combination
Makes for a strong foundation

A great sociology
are friend and family with no apology

To achieve the results of joy and happiness as evidence
Is to go for the shot, fearless, fast and free of no consequence

Going the distance, too measure character with no hindrance for Length
Is a confident momentum, a freight train, of speed and incredible strength

Never giving up, fighting till the end, will be heard no matter how far
Those last shots, the balls drop, this is the melody of who you are

With a killing stroke
an a final breath
the opponent will know




~ by g2 on May 19, 2009.

11 Responses to “The Six Bunnies Left Standing – Kiss of Death”

  1. Serious Congratulations!!! You ladies truly proved you’re not just some pretty faces this week. It was a pleasure to watch your progress throughout the week and a joy to see your victory.

    Enjoy the moment. You truly deserve it!

    Hugs & Love to all of you!
    p.s. Gail – Keep on bloggin’ the free world!

  2. Love the article Gail …. making me cry 😦

  3. You guys played as good as you looked. Congrats to Kiss of Death!

  4. Today.. I walked in for my APA playoff match.. and I feared how I might feel approaching a 9 foot table for the first time after being away for 10 days in vegas… I started hitting balls and immediately felt like I haven’t left at all. I think you’re right.. now I’m starting to believe that I can play this game. Just believe. Then in the middle of the night, my team was 0-2 down. We cannot afford to lose another match and my captain goes.. “Shelly, you’re up!” My heart almost stopped, I immediately responded.. but I haven’t played on 9 footers and I don’t think I can do this. He said.. “but I believe you can….” I’m not a strong 6 in my league and me playing another 6 even up is like suicide. This was just too much pressure…. final result.. I won 5-0. I’ll see if it holds up this weekend. Again, thanks for all you did for each and everyone of us. Thanks for believing that I wouldn’t dog my face out there. =) And you did make me cry.. just a lil with this post. *hug*

  5. Hey Gail,

    Very cool post! You guys rock! Check the recent article on
    Here is the link.

  6. Great write up JT! Ally is a rockstar–

    Michi — girl, you have more win in you than you can keep up with … just gotta believe. Super proud of you for the way you played in Vegas and kicking ass 5-0 on a big table 1st day back … look out, my secret weapon is steppin up!

    Thanks for the support guys — and Sam, I’ve had “keep on bloggin in the free world…” in my head ever since you wrote that — TR was like, that’s not the words…. lol

  7. Hey Gail!!! its Denise (No on H8) Congratulations!!! we knew you were gonna take that final match that’s why we left. Thank you for those kind words you wrote in your blog about our team. You folks are definitely a very strong team and in my opinion a very respectful team. Our game was the highlight of my trip even tho we were on the losing end, but I believe everything happens for a reason. You ladies should come out with Emily when she comes to play in the West Coast Woman’s Regional 9-ball tour.

  8. Thank you Denise — it was a pleasure meeting you! Would love to head to the West Coast one of these days — haven’t been there in forever! Keep strokin strong and get used to the idea of taking that thing down next year! KOD took 9th – 12th last year and it was a mini blessing in disguise as it let us stay in the Open for this year! Like you said, everything happens for a reason! Cheers!!

  9. I’m a little lat to this party, but wanted to say a few words. Beautiful blog, beautiful girls, beautiful writing, beautiful play, but most of all, beautiful spirit! It flows through your writing so strongly it’s palpable. What a great captain you must be. Best of luck in future events, though it doesn’t look like you girls need any.

  10. Thank you so much guys for your kind words! They mean alot more than I could express in written form …. thank you.

  11. I am so proud of you. What an awsome experience. And I have a feeling it is only just the beggining. LOVE IT! I cannot get over the picture of the murdered Bunny? Where do you even find somthing like that 🙂 Anyway congrats girl. You deserve it. When I get back to NY I will hit you up. Love Bird

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