Impressionable Adaptation

I get asked daily on the train “what’s in the big tube/case?”

— a pool cue

“you play pool, like for real?”

— yes I do

<insert blatant up and down scan of body, outfit, hair color, then smile> “woah, you don’t look like the pool players I know!”

— try me…

Whether you want to or not, people size you up before a word can even begin it’s trek into the brave new world of a conversation.

People watch the way someone walks, the way they carry their shoulders, how much their eyes dart from one object to another … what are they wearing, were they trying to relay some information about who they are based on this particular outfit like, “I don’t care how I look,” or “I care very much” …. do they smile easily, are they fidgety, they sneezed … are they sick?  maybe it’s allergies …. are they weak or just weak minded, perhaps introverted, maybe a bitch or a major D-Bag, he just littered his gum wrapper so bad news right? … they aren’t making eye contact … are they shy? … what does it all mean…

What are you trying to tell me?!??!

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover….

I get annoyed when people make judgments about me …my blonde hairs says something, my tight clothes, my southern accent, my pro boyfriend, my job … blah blah blah — you don’t KNOW me?!?!?  🙂

Yet, how often do I begin a match and size up my opponent before the lag has even occurred?  I’m a judgmental SOB and no better than the rest of the world.

As they warm up before our match, I watched my opponents stroke, watch them miss the ball consistently, check out their mechanics, then think, “this is gonna be CAKE!”

Then WTF am I behind 6-2 for?

I’m underestimating my opponents ability to adapt to their flaws….

“Never judge a man’s actions until you know his motives”

Vegas had a ridiculous amount of people that had some of the worst mechanics you EVER saw….I saw parallel arms, I saw poke strokes, I saw one-eyed pirates <Gar>, I saw crab claws, I saw stiff grips, I saw it all!!  I mean so many of the players looked like they couldn’t play to save their life!

–but you know what….it worked for them…. they adapted — and playing pool proficiently comes in all shapes, ages and sizes….

–granted those mechanical flaws will catch up to most of them if they want to reach the next level of their game but for the mean time, I sit in my chair and watch the game slip away …..

“Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can…..”

spidermanMy first lesson with TR was a difficult one because I learned that I’d have to give up my signature Spiderman bridge.

I’d sing the spiderman song every time that bridge reared it’s ugly head in my game ….

Gailster’s dictionary:

Spiderman Bridge: a looped bridge or open bridge accompanied by a wrist raised off the felt of a pool table.  Wrist touching table nullifies spiderman bridge.

I’d grown very accustomed to this style of bridging and I’m kinda stubborn and felt I could find a way AROUND my handicapped bridge….spiderman 2

Wrong….so for three months I jiggled back and forth between Spiderman and Silent Assassin bridges.

… the silent assassin won.  I was more stable and more accurate.

Change in general ain’t easy … but often the time spent waiting for the change to occur is exponentially shorter than the time lost doing it wrong.

Back to my point….

There’s the age old debate of:  “Do you play your game or do you play your opponent.”

Some argue that you shouldn’t adjust how you play to what your opponent plays like…. you should play your game no matter what?

While this sounds philosophically beautiful, life is also about adjusting to your surroundings and adapting to various situations.

I don’t walk into my office and talk the same way I talk in a pool hall.

…why?  Um, I’d like the paychecks to continue….and screaming “Son of a B*&^@” when I hang up the 9-ball  may be socially acceptable in a pool hall BUT at the office, well …..

Rather than maneuver around the table running out….( I’m still a little C+ player so running out is a consistency I’ve yet to achieve,) if I discover my opponent can’t kick for shit, then you better believe I’d happily win all my games by three fouling them to death….

“I’ll take a’W’ please Pat” ….

But if I’m playing Tony, well, I’m running out for my life b/c honestly if he’s at the table, I’m at a HUGE disadvantage regardless of how the rack looks.

My problem?  Often times I’ll make assumptions about a person’s game PRIOR to the match and as my brother from another mother Mikey would say, “sis, you can’t judge people to save your life!”

Erica I can’t tell you how many people I’ve despised initially and they turned out to be some of my closest friends, and there are others that I thought the world of right off the bat and they have been so disappointing.

I misjudge people all the time …  how do I know if I’m suppose to play my game only or exploit the weaknesses in my opponents game?  Can I trust those newly discovered weaknesses or are the just bad first impressions?

Perhaps I should just hang up my perception hat and simply play my heart out from the get go, no matter who I’m playing –that’s easier said than done.

So then what’s the answer, play your opponent or play your game?

That’s a judgment call and I’m steering clear of those for now.

While we are on the subject of being judgmental……


There have been numerous debates on Shanelle Loraine recently and I’ve refrained from responding simply because it bothers me how mean-spirited people are.

“Never argue with an idiot. They bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

In a nutshell, she’s hot, she plays pool, and she’s taking advantage of the opportunities she’s getting just the same way EVERYONE else would in her shoes.

Ok, maybe not the “higher than now” peeps who say, “I want to be respected as a pool player and nothing more!”  ugh….that will get the pool world NO WHERE fast!!

….oh wait, that’s where we’ve been for X+ years….

She’s not claiming to be a pro, she’s a very VERY attractive aspiring pool player.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

PredatorProSchool-5She’s trying to get better…trying to succeed.  If she were claiming to be better than Fisher or Corr, then she’s opened the door to being attacked for her opinion…but she’s not saying,

“I’m hot!” “I’m the greatest pool player to ever live” “I deserve all the attention!”

From what I’ve been told, she’s a completely humble sweetheart and it saddens me to think of her reading all these awful things people write about her and questioning her decency as a person…  Let off!

Though on a side note, I do find the media attention at the World 10-ball championships was skewed … while I understand that sex sells, for a “WORLD” championship to be just that, you can’t have it turn into a parade of hot girls with no pool homage to the elite of the sport… If the the stands are full and the sponsors are on board for whatever reason, GREAT, the promoters did their job!  But when the draw occurs, now we must play pool, not politics and pageants.

The top women players there deserve more respect for what they have accomplished … I’m not saying this is easy for DP but as the promoter and tournament director, it’s a balancing act that must be maintained for propriety.

The pool world needs a JOLT of attention … and fortunately a number of very attractive women are coming on board to play the game competitively .. Women are beautiful and can be promoted for their beautiful qualities and still be respectable and admired….  there’s a difference between sex appeal and exploitation ….

Perhaps the subjective definition of these two advertising schemes is the root of all our controversy.

….my definition of sex appeal may by much more liberal than the next or perhaps too reserved — some gawk at my KOD girl Olga’s choice of attire and I gawk right back at their prudeness.  Jen Barretta was inappropriately harassed for her cover spread on Billiards Digest and the articles she did for FHM and Playboy — That’s a Rockstar move ladies and gentlemen – don’t hate!!!

“To cure jealousy is to see it for what it is, a dissatisfaction with self. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.”

Just because you wouldn’t be comfortable wearing something doesn’t make it wrong…Personally I think dressing like a slob could just as easily be seen as offensive to some as you’re expressing how unimportant you believe my company is ….. I took time to look nice for you, why don’t you show me the same respect?

He who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones


Then again, I can’t stand to watch MTV anymore … there is more sex, drugs, and trash talk on that channel than HBO and the kids of America are soaking it in like a sponge!

So I could be branded a hypocrite based on my belief that the likes of MTV and PopStars who promote their image with Sex are irresponsible …. how is that any different you may ask?

Well, I feel like if your marketing to adults, then adult content is up for grabs … if your marketing to kids, sex, f-bombs, and parental disrespect should not be a part of the equation.  Adults can make decisions for themselves – our sponge is nearly full —

But kids are so susceptible to whatever is fed to their minds.  They’re trying to figure out who they are and look to those they admire to guide them.  Granted parents have a responsibility to help steer their ship in the right direction, but it simply feels like parents are FIGHTING a no win situation when it comes to shielding their kids from these methods of advertising and promotion.

There should be more attempts from advertisers to feed them veggies and fruits, not curse words and threesomes.

I guess I miss the nightly sitcoms of All in the Family, Full House & the Cosby Show ….. now it’s Tela Tequila & I Love NY, Flava Flav & god knows more fried vegetables.

The world is a judgmental place…I’m aware and it’ll never change.  Myself, other blogs, forums and articles can rationalize the rights and wrongs of it all and because of the inherent differences in peoples, morals, be liefs and upbringing, we’ll NEVER agree.

“Doubt yourself and you doubt everything you see. Judge yourself and you see judges everywhere. But if you listen to the sound of your own voice, you can rise above doubtstroke and judgment. And you can see forever.”

Oh and did I mention that KOD is on the cover of Stroke Magazine — holy crap…which assets got u s on the cover??   Oh I don’t give a hoot!  My mom is gonna be so proud.  awe!


And don’t forget to check out ‘s latest video featuring Mike Sigel vs. Tony Robles – 14.1 Exhibition Match at Amsterdam Billiards …


~ by g2 on June 17, 2009.

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  1. Beautiful post!

  2. And I thought I knew how to write…………nice verbage all around.

    Hey How you girls doin in VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!FUN FUN FUN I hope.

    See ya when I see ya.


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