Transcending the Small Stage


All the world’s a stage,And all the men and women merely players:They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts.


I leave for Tennessee tomorrow for Satellite Tour Stop #1 <- CLICK ME ….  It’s so cool that we get an opportunity like this, to play in a tournament with so many amazing players and compete at a level that rivals a real WPBA event.  I normally don’t travel to stuff like this as work/life tends to tip the scale more, but this being such a unique insight into the WPBA experience and having my girls along side me, how could I pass it by?!?!

How do I feel about it?  Well, my initial thoughts are excitement, my girls and ROAD TRIP!  Most of us haven’t seen B in ages since her job has her hustlin in CT these days so it’ll be nice to have alot of us together again.  I’m looking forward to competing and having fun and hanging out with a bunch of girls that love playing the game as much as I do. 

It reminds me of the traveling softball teams I played on each summer as a kid. 

But in quiet moments when my mind can wander to what I can expect there, I get kinda nervous.  How will I play?  Who will I draw?  What Gail is gonna show up?  Consistency is a quality I guess every pool player strives for and only the elite seem to achieve so let’s be realistic on that for a moment. 

Reality Check:

  • Demands – HIGH
  • Excitement – HIGH
  • Nervousness – Pretty HIGH
  • Expectations – LOW (Let the flogging begin 😦 –)

I know – it’s counterproductive to the Demands bullet above but if I’m being honest, that’s how I feel.

I just want to shoot well and do my best.  I wanna see how I handle the pressure.  I wanna know where the biggest holes in my game are and if I’m even close.  Perhaps I’m afraid of finding out — I’m not.  

There’s been some media attention about our win out in Vegas and while for the most part people have simply cheered for our success and sent a congratulations our way, some find it necessary to mock the glory, angst over it’s time recognition, and in general be royal poopheads.  I know, ignore them right?

My problem is I believe I can change people…. I can help everyone get along.  I NEED to realize is that there are some things I simply can’t do anything about and though I’ve never been a quitter, in this case, perhaps I should.

June28th2009---41My team yells at me all the time for this, but when I play a match, if my opponent makes a good shot, plays a good safe, breaks the crap out of the balls perfectly, I usually acknowledge this and give them their kudos — clap, snap of the fingers, tap of the cue –  and if I get lucky, I apologize as if I did something wrong and I’m ashamed of the unfairness that my opponent has been subjected to….

But this is my opponent – the ENEMY!  I hate them! 

Mercy Is a Disease!  Mercy is a Disease! — Mika

I want to kill them, right? 

Admittedly, no, that is not my thought process.  I want the player that plays the best to win? I want to see successful pool be achieved. 

1up_wallpaper_by_Arcwing A girl that plays in our poolhall is a D player.  She works on her game, plays higher ranked players and hangs with many pros.  She’s gathering the experience and knowledge to get better and as I watched her play in Valley Forge, I found myself ignoring my own match in progress to witness her running out on her opponent.  It was beautiful.  I watched the emotions on her face, her body language, her eye movements, and while she still had moments of insecurity and doubt, the stroke, the pattern, the overall quality of play had so much improved since the first time I’d met her, that I found myself outright smiling at her progression.  I was so proud of her. 

I wish everyone looked for this beauty, rather than the ugly.

For the avid pool player, don’t you remember the first time you effectively drew the ball on command — the first time you saw swivel explained, the moment you actually jumped a ball and hit the object ball you intended?  Your first break and run!

(Tell me making that final 9-ball to seal the break and run wasn’t TOTALLY nerve-wracking!!  LOL) 

Remember how good that felt?  I love seeing others feel these same emotions b/c I know how awesome they feel.  So many players on the tour have improved their game exponentially and to think back on the kind of player they were at the first tour stop compared to now … I smile as I write.

Some people just want to keep others down, especially ones that are getting better, gaining momentum and getting recognition for it.  These are the same people that kick a homeless guy’s cup walking the street and laugh about it … bad dudes! 

I read this yesterday OUCH!  <-click me, about Serena Williams and I realize that if you throw yourselves out there — if you take that chance, then you’re gonna be subjected to all sorts of opinions – you just gotta filter them …

Goal: Separate the criticisms into —

constructive criticism vs. mean-spirited rant 

So my latest book is Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins.  I hope to overcome my dependence on other’s perceptions and focus more on my own goals and methods of achieving those goals, thus finding bliss amongst the wolves.  I need to alter my perception of what’s important and more importantly alter what/who is NOT important. 

I will transcend the small mind as  Jerry T told me, ""Chicken Little" small minded perspective in this game – which looks to pull people down."

I was watching an interview with Roger Federer after he won Wimbledon and he was talking about how he was first inspired.  He recalled sitting in his living room and watching Sampras & Agassi grind it out on TV and he knew he wanted that to be him and described the road he took to get there….

"That’s I guess where idols and inspirations are good. They push you forward. Then along the way you joke around and say it’s coming closer. When you win a practice match, you know, you just fake like you’ve just won Wimbledon and before you know it all of a sudden it’s really happening, you know." — Federer

I’m looking forward to playing with the same women I’ve watch on TV and on the internet a hundred times who’ve inspire me to play better pool. And hopefully I can fake it a few times along the way!

"So often we’re seduced into believing that events control our lives and that our environment has shaped who we are today. No greater lie was ever told. It’s not the events of our lives that shape us, but our BELIEFS as to what those event mean!"

-Anthony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within


~ by g2 on July 9, 2009.

5 Responses to “Transcending the Small Stage”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that people are trying to take something away from your win. I know how it feels, and I can only say that as you achieve more the criticism will probably grow…but the good news is, the more you achieve the less it will matter. JB

  2. How hard would it be for most people to say “I want to see successful pool be achieved”–earnestly? And I know you truly feel that way… which is the best part. I really admire your strength GG–and I’m glad to have you as my friend!

    Have fun at Borderline!

  3. I love you and your spirit. Thank you for being you.

    Good Ruck this weekend and don’t forget to HAVE FUN!!!

  4. Hey girl Kick those pros in the ass. If you focus you should do well. Represent the family well.Lots of love.
    Tony Ariel And Lionel

  5. Ignore all the haters GG. They’re all wicked stoopid and for the most part, they’re just wishing they could be as nice, talented and super sexah as you. 😉 Good luck today at Borderline. Saw you pulled Monica Webb in the first round, so bring it hard!

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