Taboo Adieu

Taboo — a subjective term scandaled by propaganda and calmed by rationality.

IMG_0696As I left the airport of Bucharest this week, I was consumed with images of beautiful field of sunflowers, hundreds of years old buildings, breathtaking castles & a life less complicated.  But alas these thoughts of appeal were not alone.  Attached to each and everyone one of them was a story, a sad story of loss for so many controlled by the taboo of unknown and unprotected from the regimen that often dictates the lives of absentee voters.

I won’t bore with my trifle take on the demonic nature of Communism, the appalling cruelty possible in Monarchy & the stifling loss of oppressed humanity.  I won’t bore.  I simply bow to the creator that allowed me to be born into democracy, in this age, where I am but no more, and more, so very much more, importantly, no less than anyone else.

Anywho, on a much lighter note – trip was fantastic – much needed and pretty much did what it needed to do – make me hungry again.

IMG_0558 Outside of mindless wacking at snooker in Vienna for less than an hour, I didn’t compete, think about or even hit a pool table for three weeks.  I guess I’m not the ultimate pool enthusist because it felt AWESOME!

A refresher:

CRASHED & BURNING OUT entry of recent <-CLICK ME 

I came back with a serenity at the table I never expected. 

Golden Girls Sofia Moment Ahead:

Picture it Thursday, Amsterdam Billiards, Playoffs, Round 1:

I sit in my chair, down 3-1 and feel no worries.  TR is playing the table next to me and he is on the hill.  If he wins, we win.  Done.  Ten minutes later, his opponents’ calm under pressure moves seal a hill/hill battle.  Break, 1-ball, crazy 2-ball combo in place (we are talking real wild folks, like 1% of the population would take this “sellout if I miss shot” against a pro.) As I’m racking now, down 4-1, I hear screams of happiness and don’t even turn.  Like the ignored condom box that read, this is only 99% effectively, I’m now pregnant with pressure.  

I sit in my in my chair, my opponent breaks … 9-ball, side pocket. 





Now down 5-1.  He miscues on a difficult 9-ball.  5-2, him.  He runs out to make it 6-2.  It’s now a moment.  I can either hang up my cues or..

scream out, “I’m NOT GONNA WATCH THIS ANYMORE!!!!” (this exclamation will be explained in a min – video below)

Through a series of relaxed pressure moments, struggles to close by my opponent, a break and run & my team’s belief that I could do it, I finally was able to harness all my disappointments and create a win. 

All the times I lost that were building up those “experience will make you stronger” moments were unveiled.  Vegas 2007, Vegas 2008, Playing Jen Barretta in the playoffs 2 years ago, Tri-State Invitational 2008, Ben Lee in the last playoffs, Predator Tour BCD @ ABC, Liz Ford @ JPNEWT this year, Monica Webb Donut. 

I didn’t see Mikey puffing away outside, I didn’t see Naldo in his corner banned from speaking, proposing or whatever, I didn’t see TR full of confidence in me.  I didn’t see the group of people that had gathered to watch this last match.  I just saw the 9-ball and I was going to put it in the final hole.

I won 7-6.   🙂

The taboo of saying, “I’m gonna win” & supposedly  jinxing yourself….I no longer believe in.  To win any real battle, it’s not about superstition.  Whatever you filter into your mind will regurgitate on the green felt.  If you superstitiously believe that a silly sock, statement or sign will amount to more than all your hard work and experience, then what does that really say about what you’ve accomplished?

Gohan Inspirational Divinity – Let It Go.

It’s WABBIT Season!


~ by g2 on September 4, 2009.

5 Responses to “Taboo Adieu”

  1. Gail, That pic of you, squatting in the bushes behind the shrubs and trees. Well… when in europe I guess… Lets just hope there’s no poison oak near by… In the mean time, nice win 🙂

  2. nothing like dragon ball to inspire fighting mode. that snooker table makes the fam look like munchkins.

  3. Willy — If I were taking a potty break, I wouldn’t pick a paprika bush (spicy pepper) — but thank you for that wonderful visual for everyone!

    I think I’ll take your recently bleached black shirt in with me the next time I take a potty break!

  4. Potty break??!! NOoO! I was insinuating you where hiding!!! GEeZ

  5. Michael Jackson has a song & in it are the lyrics… “WHO’S BAAAD!?”

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