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AF & GG Commentary squared….

We just wrapped up stop #15 of the Predator 9 Ball Tour & I was asked to do commentary for the finals with my lovely KoD teammate, Miss Alison Fischer.

I’ve been doing commentary more and more & find that I not only enjoy it but others seem to like listening to me take a stab at sounding better at the game than my actual execution displays.  Fake it till you make it as Ka-Pao says…

There was a post up on AZ recently that provide an open discussion for tips to commentators.  You can read it here if you want –  AZ BILLIARD THREAD ON COMMENTATOR TIPSSome good bits of information there — I wish more would have responded to this thread as I think commentators could potentially have the future of pool in their commentary hands as you never know who’s watching and listening. 

Circa Cassandra’s Wayne’s Word old school limo TV catching moment, the right person with an interest in the game, a vision of a launch & an endless bankroll could see a bit of live streaming & decide to catapult pool into a spotlight we’ve all dreamed of.  Thus presentation, professionalism & entertainment should be considered at all times in case our dreamboat’s interest is pique-able.

Well, I actually got to listen to myself do the commentary with Ally the next day thanks to Accu-Stats posting it up for a bit.

trFinals Match: Tony Robles vs. Mhet Vergara

I was surprised by many good qualities & definitely noticed where I could improve.  While many have complimented my pleasant demeanor & juicy insider tips, I feel I’m straying from the real task at hand — glorifying the two people actually playing the match in front of me.  So, new goal, keep the ad-lib to a minimum while still entertaining the dead zones of a match like SLOOOOW play….


With the overwhelming onslaught of live streaming that pool is seeing more & more of, commentators are picked from the crowd at random & their voice, opinions & game are now public property for anyone interested in listening.  This responsibility needs to be viewed as just that, a responsibility. 

B & I While the chatroom is an excellent tool that exposes the limitations of a prerecorded TV show & highlights the advantages of the internet’s live streams, it also could come at a price, the match’s broadcast quality & the player’s due respect. 

Jerry T of the NYCGrind & I were having this discussion over the weekend & he mentioned this deterioration of the match’s esteem & while I always value JT’s opinion on pool’s image & future, I didn’t really let was he was saying sink in until I actually watched & listened to it happening, by my own accord. 

So, new commentary goals — more focus on the match, more side talk in between racks!  ally2

I do appreciate those that did last the whole day on the accu-stats live stream – Ally & I had a good time doing the finals and the more experience, feedback, criticism & compliments people throw back, the better the viewing & listening experience will be for all.  It was a brutally long weekend & Ally & I both were a little delirious from exhaustion but that’s the billiard life — hustle today & sleep tomorrow, if you’re lucky.



~ by g2 on September 22, 2009.

One Response to “Commentary Commentary”

  1. Great post Gail… I’ll have to check out that thread on AZ. It’s definitely good to reflect on how we can improve, even if it’s sometimes tough to see the truth about our faults. (I haven’t watched the match myself yet, lol!)

    I also take partial responsibility for any commentary meandering. 😛 Looking forward to doing it again!

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