PoolSynergy Volume IV ~ Fan Favorites

poolSynergy Logo Every sport has their Idols.  This month’s topic allowed our PoolSynergy columnists to pick their favorite players of the sport and describe what they love about them.  While some narrowed it down to that one rock star that melted all of their little pool playing hearts, others constructed their dream players by splicing and dicing a bunch of the big players in the game.  Either way, it was a joy for me to read the various contributions this month and love that I have a clear path to who’s games I should focus on more to improve various areas of my own game!

This month was loaded with guest writers all chomping at the bit to detail their favorite pool players in the game.  You readers out there are in for quite the treat as your palette for pool player nostalgia is delectable!

JTNYC Grind’s founder and top player in his own right, Jerry Tarantola was influenced early on in his game by New York’s underground legend of 14.1, Gene Nagy. A not so well known 200-plus balls runner with a high run of 430, (WOW!) Jerry dives deep into the makings of this NY phenom detailing Nagy’s contributions to many of NY’s elite of the sport.  Check out the details of this amazing player in Jerry’s article, "The Great Gene Nagy."

Jake Dyer Jake Dyer writes a compelling article that details the controversy of who was the best OF ALL TIME!  His top two contenders? Ralph Greenleaf and Willie Mosconi.  Let the debate begin!  For me, I found this piece thoroughly entertaining with it’s full scope of history on these two powerhouses of the game.  Jake has this uncanny way of telling a story that intrigues the mind and creates a visualization of the time, location and smell of the room he’s storytelling about.  It’s truly a gift.  Check out Jake’s article entitled, Greatest Pool Player Ever?  Greenleaf or Mosconi?

poolbumPoolBum’s enthusiasm for the game’s beauty is evident in his blog as well his contribution for this month’s PoolSynergy edition.  In the eloquently titled "Hidden Gems," PoolBum pays homage to some of his biggest inspirations.  One, an old sparring partner who challenged him to believe in his own possibilities, while the others included the Prince of Pool, Mr. Corey Deuel & fan favorite, Mr. Efren Reyes, who reinforces that a pool player does not need be a bad person to play badass pool!

Michael_McCafferty Michael McCafferty gives props to the one and only Tony Sorto, aka "El Maestro!"  Mike was fortunate enough to not only have Tony introduce him to a unique and difficult rotation game they play in Honduras, but also to have the entire rack on film.  To see this amazing video and read Mike’s take on why Tony Sorto has moved him more than anyone else in the game, check out his article, "My Favorite Pool Player."

What better way to detail your favorite player than by way of a David Letterman inspired Top 10 list, only this list is nothing but spot on accolades.  In her article titled, “10 Reasons why Ralf Souquet epitomizes the term “World Class Pool Player” to me,” Samm compliments the Kaiser’s class both on and off the table in a clear, concise way that will have you nodding your head in agreement right down to the last word.  No matter how you slice it, "The Surgeon" would be greatly pleased to read Samm’s very complementary take on her favorite champion of the green felt.

melindaIn her article titled, "PoolSynergy Favorite Player," Melinda addresses how people don’t have to necessarily win championships to be important players in the game.  Melinda details how valuable anyone you encounter can be if you’re open-minded enough to listen. She also offers up some of the insider tips she learned by listening to some of her favorite players. After reading her article, you may just think, "Is Melinda now MY favorite player?"

Mike FieldhammerIn, "Make me a pool player," Mike Fieldhammer channels his inner mad scientist building his perfect "Frankenstein" of a pool player!  Detailing each feature of his monster Champion right down to the wind perfected hair of Kim Davenport, Mike will entertain you with his many body part selections. Who’s body part got chosen for what?  You’ll be surprised.  Let’s hope’s Mike’s creation isn’t looking for a pool playing mate.  Of course, a perfected female Frankenstein could be just as entertaining!

john biddleOur own PoolSynergy creator delivers a unique take on this month’s subject.  Rather than singling out one favorite player, John’s article "Some of My Favorite Pool Players," expresses his gratitude for the various groups in the pool community that elevate the game’s awareness and promote the sport with the sophistication and respect it desperately needs.  I also can’t help but giggle as John gives praise to the women players that have overcome their “irresistibility.”  If somehow I end up playing Earl in my future, I know I’ll have one fan in the stands.

poolriah Poolriah would like to introduce you to Efren Earl Buddy Mosconi the first, a composite of his ULTIMATE pool player.  In his article "Your Favorite Pool Player," Poolriah points out the common trait all these champions possess and how players that want to excel in the game, need take note of what these champions are all about.  Poolriah is a interesting writer who’s quirky nature will always leave you smiling and curious as to what he’ll think of next.

Markus Hofstaetter A new contributor to PoolSynergy this month is Markus Hofstaetter, a passionate pool enthusiast who details his pool encounters via his blog, APPB (A Pool Player’s Blog) while gifting us with his stellar photographs.  Markus’ post, "My Favorite Player," describes the great Ralf Souquet, a legend in the game, who inspires Markus with his pleasant demeanor no matter what the game throws at him.  While there are many players that he enjoys watching, for Markus, the lights of Ralf’s table just shine a bit brighter than everyone else’s.

max eberleMax Eberle, a professional himself, shifts the spotlight that often shines on his own skills, toward the great Nick Varner, expressing his awe, gratitude & enthusiasm for this all around Champion of the game.  In his post "Cool Hand Nick," Max details how simply watching Nick in action, his grace and precision, helps gets Max back in stroke and renders him fearless, especially when down in a match.  The comeback king has helped make Max feel less like the underdog when down in a set, and more like the favorite!

stu New York’s most nostalgic pool advocate Stu Mattana, also known as SJM on AZ’s forums, was kind enough to write for the PoolSynergy readers about his favorite player of all time.  Stu is a well known pool buff in the NY area, a WPBA board member & a dear friend and coach to many of the elite of pool including Jennifer Barretta & Jeanette Lee.  As my own guest writer on confessions of ‘G’ squared Stu delivers a powerful tribute to the late, great "Irving Crane." A dear friend of the 14.1 genius, Stu pays homage to his friend’s talent and elegance on and off the table.

PCN He’s controversial, he’s funny, he’s snarky & he still lives with him mom — well, only because he’s waiting for Liz Ford or Sarah Rousey to realize that he’s the man of their dreams! He is the one and only, PoolCueNews guy, aka PCN dude!  Whether he tickles you or tests you, PoolCueNews.Com has one of the most visited blogs in the pool industry and is a dedicated fan to the women in pool.  His "Hottie of the Month" feature is a fan favorite for many and this month, PCN decided to hop on board our Fan Favorite wagon and shell out some love to none other than Kwikfire Kelly Fisher.  Admiring her talent for the game and business, Maximus Snarkinous tips his hat to Kelly in "Pool Synergy #4 – Kelly Fisher."

g2For my own article this month, I battled my subconscious in the picking process.  Perhaps inspired by the lovey-doveyness of Valentine’s Day, in "I LOVE…," I write a love letter to my favorite player of the game.


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  4. Wow, what a fantastic job! Alison will have her hands full trying to top this. Great work, I’m proud to be a part of it.

  5. […] This article is the fourth of a series of posts written in coordination with other pool bloggers entitled “PoolSynergy”. This month’s theme is FAN FAVORITES. To see others, go to: https://gailglazebrook.wordpress.com/2010/02/15/poolsynergy-volume-iv-fan-favorites/ […]

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