Poison Billiards & NYCGrind.com present the ‘Kiss of Death’ Web-Series


NYCgrind.com is proud to present the first episode in our new web series, "Kiss of Death". This 5 minute or less episodic web series, which features the ladies pool team "Kiss of Death" is presented by Poison Billiards. The documentary-style show will follow the 6 players on the team throughout the weeks leading up to the BCAPL National 8-Ball Team Championships, where they will compete in the Masters Division for the first time ever, after going undefeated in the 2009 Open Division in a field of 143 teams.
In the first episode, "KOD Team Dynamics", NYC Grind will take you inside Kiss of Death’s first team meeting of the year, and introduce each of the players: team captain Gail Glazebrook, Michele Li, Emily Duddy, Borana Andoni, Olga Gashkova, and Alison Fischer, who joined the meeting via Skype.

Click Here to Watch the Video!


~ by g2 on March 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Poison Billiards & NYCGrind.com present the ‘Kiss of Death’ Web-Series”

  1. where’s pcn when u need him to make slightly creepy and stalkerish comments?

  2. I loved it. You guys have such a wonderful vibe going, and it comes through loud and clear in the video. The production values were great too, including the editing and the music. It was obviously a lot of effort for someone. I look forward to seeing the rest of the series, and to reading about you guys kicking butt in the tougher, but smaller, masters division in Vegas.

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