Vegas At Last

Vegas So the few months leading up to Vegas have been a bit of a blur.  It doesn’t seem possible that a year has already passed.  Post tax season, I’ve been playing a bit more pool these last few weeks and it’s felt good.  I’ve been digging deeper into the holes of my game, kicking, english, patterns and I’m in a weird place where my practice and my tournament/league play are polar opposites.

Perhaps I’ve got one foot on the plateau and one foot on a new mountain.  Shots I used to dominate I’m now 75% and shots that scared me are hangers.  Oh to find that happy place where it all just clicks.

Clicking – a new element of my game associated with rotator cuff tendonitis …. Why now Mr. shoulder? why? … It’s Vegas don’t you know? Cortisone my savior?  We’ll see.  I’m putting the whole drama on my ignore list.  Humph!

I’ve taken up 3 Cushion Billiards and found joy in it’s imaginative elements while seeing a drastic improvement in my kicking game.  I feel no bitterness playing this game.  I enjoy it’s purity.  My dear friend Stu has been a great enlightener of the game’s foundation, strategies and it’s been fun working with him on my development in this new game.  I hope it’s the game I enjoy more than the present novelty.

Vegas in May – the Mecca of pool player heaven.

I’ll be playing in the BCAPL National Championships in Vegas this week.  The singles event starts Saturday, May 15th.  Then my team Kiss of Death will play in the Women’s Master Team event starting Thurs, May 20th.

BA I also will be supporting & commentating for my dear friend and teammate Borana Andoni at her challenge match Saturday night, May 15th at Pool Sharks where her and Melinda Huang (OMGWTF) will play a race to 21 for $2,000!  Very exciting stuff.  It was a whirlwind getting this match together with tons of opinions on when, how, why, and what should be done.  Luckily both women stepped out of the media circus and worked a deal privately that both felt was appropriate, fair and still very exciting for the fans.  Nice to see some civil badassness in pool’s frenzied world.

If you wanna watch the match, you can sweat the action at on Saturday night.  Match time is still to be determined as both players need to see how their single’s event schedule works out.  OG ED GG

The Kiss of Death girls will be out and about working the Poison booths on occasion and we are scheduled to sign our contracts with Olhausen Billiards the week of May 17th.  It’s very exciting and I feel so blessed to be on the roller coaster I’m on these days.  I’m thankful to Olhausen for taking an interest in us 6 girls and look forward to what the relationship brings.

MichiOur Kiss of Death webseries, sponsored by Poison Cues and was recently extended to a full 12 webisodes so look for it, even after Vegas, at each Thursday.

And beyond all that, I just can’t wait to be by the pool at the Riviera soaking in the sun and sipping on some silly umbrella drink without a care in the world.  I’m looking forward to a bit of a vacation and some relaxation. Hope to meet some of you out there!  If you see me, please come say Hi.  I love meeting other pool players!


~ by g2 on May 10, 2010.

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