What’s in Kiss of Death’s Jim Murnak Custom Cue Cases?

Click here for Samm Diep's Full PostThis month of PoolSynergy, the famously adorable Samm Diep, creator of “Samm’s on the Case",” has asked each of us bloggers to let her know what’s in our cases.  Rather than just do little ole me, I figured this would be a great opportunity to highlight the greatest custom cue case maker I know, Jim Murnak.  Jim has made a custom case for four of the six Kiss of Death girls and I’d like to showcase how beautiful and different each case was made.  

murnak_logoIn true KOD form, I decided to do a standard blog entry as well as a video blog to give you the real “Samm’s on the Case” effect!  Borana, Emily & I all filmed with Jim Murnak while Olga teleported her video (filmed in Odessa, Ukraine) via YouTube to add to the mash up.  I hope you enjoy it and thanks again Samm for hosting such an AWESOME topic this month!



Artist: William FuentesGail  “G Squared” Glazebrook: 

Design: I LOVE Aerosmith so I took the Aerosmith logo and personalized it with my full name in Aerosmith font and referenced my blog by adding G2.  To me, the Aerosmith wings represent freedom, one the the greatest blessings Americans are given.  The stars inside the “G” are for a new business the pool world will be introduced to soon.  The artist was William Fuentes.  IMG_4525

Case:  Jim Murnak Black Leather 2X4 Soft Sided Custom Case with Three Removable Interior Pockets.

Playing Cue: Predator P2 Curly Maple with Stacked Leather Wrap

Break Cue: Poison VX 2.9 Break/Jump

Jump Cue: Predator Air Jump

  • Robin Dodson Cue It Up
  • Bar Table Coin
  • Patches: PoolDawg, Poison & Predator
  • “G” Pin
  • Advil
  • Shaft Sander
  • Kamui Tip Scuffer
  • “Batman” Bridge
  • Sharpies (Black & Silver)
  • Hair Clips, Barrettes & Bobby Pins
  • Safety Pin
  • CueShark Tip Shaper
  • “Butts Cheerfully Kicked” Bunny Patch from Karina & Travis
  • Shot Pad with many drawings by Tony Robles
  • Tony Robles & my own business cards
  • Penny Wrappers used in Trick Shots
  • Spare Glove


boranaBorana “Killer B” Andoni:  

Why this design Borana?

“I chose the case design because I wanted to show something of my background so I picked the Borana LogoAlbanian flag. It is an Eagle with two heads which represents the meaning "Killer."  I also wanted black carving around the pockets because it would make it look fancier,” Borana.

Case:  Jim Murnak Black Leather 2X4 Hybrid Line Custom Case.

Playing Cue: Paul Fanelli

Break Cue: Predator BK2

Jump Cue: KF Cues

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Emily Logo

Emily “The Butterfly” Duddy: 

Design: To me the butterfly symbolizes independence and freedom, so I designed my case with simply my name and a butterfly.  The really cool thing is it’s the same Butterfly I have tattooed on my neck.  Emily Neck Tattoo

Case:  Jim Murnak Red Leather 2X4 Soft Sided Custom Case with Three Removable Interior Pockets. 

Playing Cue: Predator Quiet Roller

Break Cue: Poison Venom VX 2.9 Break/Jump

Jump Cue: Robin Dodson Tadpole Jump CueEmily

  • Patches: Predator / Poison / Pool.Bz 
    • Alka Seltzer
    • Ibuprofen
    • Purell Hand Sanitizer
    • Visine
    • Hand Lotion
    • Lip Balm
    • Nail File
  • All American Smooth Cue Wraps
  • Snacks for Good Health! 
  • Natural Almonds
  • Peanut Butter
  • Spare Coins for Flips and to keep score if there are no beads
  • Lucky Stones:
    • Amethyst – For Serenity & Clarity & Focus 
    • Snakeskin Stone and Jasper to ward off negative thoughts.


Olga  “OG” Gashkova: 

OG DesignDesign: A Friend of mine from Germany made the design.  It incorporates initials and a picture of me shooting.  

Case: Jim Murnak Black & White Leather 2X4 Soft Sided Custom Case with Three Removable Interior Pockets.

Playing Cue: Predator Special Edition 15

Break/Jump Cue: Poison Venom VX 2.9 Break/Jump IMG_2958

  • Head Pill (Aspirin)
  • Sinus Inhaler
  • Visine
  • Locker Key
  • Hair Accessories
  • My baby spoon
  • Lucky Dollar & Lucky Ukrainian Money
  • Kiss of Death Pin from Gail
  • Tip Shaper
  • Cue Cube
  • Spare Bridge
  • Another Tip Shaper
  • First $20 I ever made giving lessons
  • $1 with Georgie’s Cut Out – I use it to find out which eye is the dominant eye for my students.
  • Shaft Cleaners
  • All my membership cards
  • Stress Balls
    • One from a child student of mine
    • One from Bulgarian Championships
  • Shot Pad with many pros giving tips and advice
  • Magic Racks from Mika
  • Tony Robles business cards
  • Gratitude Stone – Helps give me positive energy
  • Practice book to keep records of my sessions, playing the ghost, etc.


Jim & IYeah!  So you can probably imagine what all our PURSES look like too!!  🙂

Thank you to the girls for being a part of this month’s PoolSynergy & to Jim Murnak for supporting us, supporting pool and for his help in the video for this entry.  If you’re interested in having your own Jim Murnak Custom Cue Case, visit Jim’s website @ www.jimmurnakcuecases.com

samm & I

Samm, this was such a cool topic.  Thank you!  For more PoolSynergy blogger’s “What’s in the Case” stories, visit Samm’s website PoolTipJar.com and read the summary for all participants this month.

Bye Everyone! 


~ by g2 on September 15, 2010.

6 Responses to “What’s in Kiss of Death’s Jim Murnak Custom Cue Cases?”

  1. […] LINK: What’s in Kiss of Death’s Jim Murnak Custom Cue Cases? […]

  2. first!

    man u got a lot of stuff in ur case smassy!!

  3. Holy cows! Those cases are all beautiful. Ladies and Mr. Murnak, they are like a Volkswagen automobile. Precision built, stylish, and surprisingly roomy on the inside. How do you fit all that stuff in there? Nice snacks and pharmacy, Emily. I think I know a way Murnak can improve his cases- invent/find “Silent Velcro.” Great post that showcases some excellent cases, equipment, and extras.

  4. OMG, Gail! You are meant to be on camera!!! You’re so stunning, always!!!

    I love all the fun non-pool stuff Emily keep in her case.

    Great job getting this video together. I know that wasn’t easy. 🙂

  5. I showed your video to some co-workers and the immediately said that you must have done such interviews often. Enjoyed reading your article and seeing the video (with some nice looking girls ;-)….thanks!!!

  6. I look forward to returning to this site. Excellent, keep up the great job.

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