Dancing with the Devil

Bad G/Good GAt times, the devil’s ballroom can be so tempting when seeking a “W.”

And in the aftermath of countless defeats, a dance with the devil has quite the allure as he dangles the “win” in your face. 

Just sacrifice your soul little pool player. 

Just your measly little soul.  No one will know you moved the ball little pool player.  No one saw it but us.  Just move an extra little bead little pool player; the “W” will make you FAMOUS little pool player.  Indulge in your vanity little player.  Don’t you want to win little pool player?  Feed that low-self-esteem my little pool player.  Just a little taste!  It tastes so good, I promise.

Just your soul.  No one will know but you and me; friend.  

I know it’s very tempting to cheat.  We ALL want to win and for some the win has alluded them for what seems like an unfair eternity.  But if you cheat, you didn’t win anything but that silly game of pool.  What you lost is so much more valuable – your integrity.  You cheated and your ego need recognize this.  You aren’t better, you’re just the coward who’s scared they aren’t a good as their opponent. You’re beneath them, in your own eyes!  You’ll never be a champion where it counts the most….your soul. 

Your soul little pool player…. 

GSquared-2sI’m not writing this because someone necessarily cheated me, it’s just little nuances recently made me more aware of how important my integrity is.

Does it matter to you if you win based on your skills or your opponent’s oblivion?  Perhaps you don’t care how you win.  I very much do.  I want to beat you because I’m better than you, not because of a technicality or your A.D.D.  And if I can’t beat you straight up, I’m gonna work harder till I can.  A “WIN” any other way is simply a hollow figment of my imagination conjured up to fill a hole in my confidence.  

Absolution b/c of your opponent’s incompetence?….  just because your opponent didn’t notice, doesn’t mean you didn’t, kind sir.

Do you believe in Karma?

I know many will call me naive and say this ain’t how the real world works – well we’d be a much better society if it did work this way & all I can do is set an example.  My soul is kind of important to me. 

So what’s your soul mean to you? 


 I was recently painted the fool by believing in you.  Your talent’s are pro but your courage is gone.  My fool’s days are done.  Still wondering who won?  You’re just a neutral fantasizing of real shades. Mr. King of color, your world’s a hazy grey.  But just paint it at home & mask the dismay.  When you draw my fears, are you just drawing your mirrors?  Your coach for the day, your honesty… you’re the pot calling the kettle black. Now go paint it purple Mr. King de Grey.   


~ by g2 on October 26, 2010.

12 Responses to “Dancing with the Devil”

  1. pretty good read darlin’. nice work!

  2. Hey Gail, love your blog!

  3. Simply stellar..The truth is always less amazing than fantasy but its always the truth…

  4. now your cook’n…

  5. Great thoughts and although most of the people in this sport feel the same way there are a few. Who need to W more then anything else. To me a disputed win is hollow.

  6. For a couple of years now it’s been told to several people that you cheated during a tri-state match about 2 years ago. Something about moving the ball or something. Is this true???

  7. Hi Jasmin (I assume?),

    I appreciate you letting me know of this as I was very unaware that it was being said about me. I don’t expect you to tell me who you heard this from but if I may…
    I can assure you I have never knowingly cheated in a pool tournament, event, even a league match. I honestly couldn’t stomach the disgrace, even if I were the only one to know it. I have many players who would vouch that I have called fouls on myself they didn’t even notice.

    Whomever believes I cheated them, I wonder if they are certain I knowingly cheated them. Given this has never happened as far as I’m concerned, I can only assume 2 things:
    1. I fouled, didn’t realize it and my opponent never spoke up about it or
    2. That we disagreed on the foul and they are bitter I didn’t give them their way. In this case, I didn’t cheat them, I only stopped them from cheating me.

    Thank you again for your comment and for the chance to defend myself against the allegations. Have a great day and thanks for reading the entry! 🙂


  8. Good stuff GG!

  9. Thanks for clearing that up. For several years now all I heard was “that’s the girl that cheats” and I’ve been reading your blog for the same amount of time and never took you for one that cheats. I believe the person you played was someone named Alex a couple of years ago? (I’m not a player, just a spectator.)

  10. While there are those who will take advantage, I’ve always been impressed by how many pool players do call fouls on themselves. This week I called a foul on myself that no one saw, and my opponent made a big deal about, “Thank you for being so honest.” I know he was just trying to be nice, but to me it was kind of cynical. Why thank me? a) as you point out here, my choice to call a foul no one saw isn’t really about my opponent, its my own integrity & b) isn’t that the way it should be?

  11. You and I have never met but I’m a pretty fair judge of character and based on your posts and comments I don’t believe for a second that you would have cheated. You respect the sport of pool way to much for that. In addition, knowing Tony to be a gentleman and an honorable guy, I can’t imagine that he would associate with a cheat. As always your post is well written and relevant. Thanks for making the point about calling a foul on one’s self, it’s the only way to go.

  12. Hi PoolBum!

    Thank you for your reply .. sorry for the delay, I just found you in the Spam folder. I appreciate your positive character assessment of Tony and I despite never meeting me. It feels good to have portrayed such a honesty quality simple through my writing and association with Tony. 🙂

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