Target Pool by Kim Davenport

Target Pool

The lovely Trigger  has ask us PoolSynergy columnists to write what we think would be a great Pool Instruction book/video gift for that special pool player in your life.  Well, my recommendation is a book that came out a while ago and is quite a tricky thing to get your hands on.  Some lucky players are fortunately to find it on EBay every now and then, some gain it through inheritance or donation.  My favorite pool book ever is Kim Davenport’s Target Pool.  I love it because it’s not a book I’ve got to read and consume like a textbook but instead is a GAME I can play to learn. 

Target Pool is a game you can play by yourself, with others, or even can run as a tournament.  It helps players of all levels learn position play, cue ball control, creative shot selections and stroke corrections.  I really enjoy this game and it’s something Tony and I enjoy playing together — with TWEAKED rule adjustments for our respective handicaps of course.  i.e. I get 4 shots at the target, he gets 2.  We then average our score.     PoolSynergy

The book comes in a box that includes the different shots layouts  with instructions on how to hit the target, two TARGETs that you place on the table and aim for, and a Scorecard for keeping track of your target scores.  The book is divided into Courses (Chapters) that specialize on particular workouts.  They include:


  • English Shots
  • Draw Shots
  • Cheating the Pocket Shots
  • Riding the Rails
  • Even Banking
  • & Many More    

I decided to take the game to my weekly NAPL league match and it was a HUGE hit at the poolroom.  Everyone was intrigued and wanted a chance at the shots that were presented.

So EVERYONE was actually ‘practicing pool’ without really knowing they were practicing.   

Similar to playing the ghost, you are distracted by the game you are playing, and unaware that you are actually learning and practicing too.  Pool players are competitors by nature.  The problem is, practicing a shot can be rather boring but if you can distract yourself by keeping a score and have the gimmick of a target on the table to give you a solid goal to achieve, it changes your whole perception of practicing.Travis & Gail I was once playing it with my friend Naldo and professional pool player Zion Zvi waltzed over asking what we were doing.  He’d never seen Target Pool before and was intrigued.  To his surprised, even he struggled to find the right mix of English, speed and accuracy to hit a bull’s-eye often.  The higher courses will challenge even the top level players.  The game was so popular amongst the pros at one point that back around 1995, many of the Pro Billiards Tour (the PBT) stops held Target Pool tournaments in unison with their regular tour stops.  Tony said he finish 2nd in one, losing to Rafael Martinez by 1 point (Ouch!)

Target Pool - David, Howie & TravisKim Davenport really did a fantastic job with this invention and I wish it were republished and marketed again as I feel so many would be greatly helped by it’s knowledge and playful teaching methods.

I wish I could help you get a hold of these box-sets but like I said earlier, they are really tough to come by.  Ask around in you area and see if you might have a friend that has a copy.  I guarantee you won’t want to give it back so quickly!

Happy Holiday to all my Pool Enthusiasts out there!!

A video from our NAPL night:

Target Pool

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19 Responses to “Target Pool by Kim Davenport”

  1. You’re so lucky. Target pool is one thing that is absent from my billiard memorabilia collection.

  2. blast from the past smassy!

  3. Awe, Mike if I ever find out someone is selling it, I’ll let you know! 🙂

  4. Target Pool looks like a lot of fun. I’d heard of it, but never seen a copy, though I have seen some copies exchange hands on AZ Billiards. Somewhat like it, but more current is The Ultimate Pool Challenge, a deck of cards with defined shots and various point values based on difficulty. The players don’t all shoot the same shots as they do in Target Pool, but it’s the shot that mostly gets priority in this game. Leaving the cue ball in a designated spot is only a requirement on about 20% of the shots. The cards are available from any of the larger pool retailers.

    Here’s wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukkah.

  5. Wow! What great memories! I bought Target Pool when it first came out many years ago, but I moved several times since then and have lost it. It’s good to see that your still have one. Have fun!!

  6. it looks like a great game, how can i order it,do they sell the game in australia.

  7. Do you happen to know where I can get a copy of the target pool instruction manual? I have all the material EXCEPT the manual.

    Thank you,


  8. Unfortunately Marc I don’t. I’m sorry — I was lucky to find one here in NY but I believe they are sold out here. Check Ebay periodically…

  9. I have an original target pool game still unopened in the box i will be willing to sell contact me via e-mail .

  10. I have an original Target Pool Game still in the celo wrapped box what is it worth?

  11. To Jim Estep, would you sell the game, if so how much?

  12. Might I make a propsal? Jim Estep – why not put it on eBay, let all of us know, then let’s see how much it’s worth???

  13. Jim Estep, please e-mail me at about your target pool game.

  14. I have owned three copies in my lifetime. I gave all three to students of mine. The last copy I gave away was about 12 years ago. I’d love to have another one now. I don’t think I’ve even played all 12 courses, but now that I’ve played a lot more, I appreciate even more what the game does for one’s position play. I’ll pay 50 bucks for new game. email me at Thanks!

  15. someone should put the manual online, i can have a target made.

  16. who made it?

  17. I have an unopened target pool game still in the cello wrapping 20 years old this year will sell for the write price.

  18. All i my power by play, it is just coming from this ! thanks a lot FOR THIS WANDERFOLL ID . We had the target to train, wen i stard to play in our club (billard club Koblenz 93 e.V) and i lost the option to train me with it. I dont now wer to get it again. I hope i will get it back.

  19. If any one still has this game I would love to have it or just a copy of the manual. I havent been able to find one anywhere. If you have one please email me at and i will get back to you. thanks

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