Where in the World is Your Favorite Pool Hall?

poolsynergy4This month of PoolSynergy, I asked the columnists to let me know the location of their favorite pool room.  Hopefully, this post will help those out there visit some great pool halls along their travels. 

Below I’ve turned our favorites into a "round trip” cross country road trip for those looking for some recommended pool halls.  I’ve added some pool halls I know are great just to give the haul some additional fun and spunk!

Click on the map below for a Google map Road Trip!

  road trip map

JTAmsterdam Billiard Club:  First up on our road trip, my fellow New York City player Jerry Tarantola & I teamed up to give those traveling through the Big Apple a tour of our favorite pool hall, The Amsterdam Billiard Club.  With so much to offer, we think the Amsterdam Billiard Club is a REALLY big deal. Check out the article here!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Pit Stop #2, Pay homage to Allingers (& find a Philly Cheese Steak!): Pool Historian Jake Dyer assimilated pool stories and insights on some of his favored pool halls of the past.  I love knowing the history of anything and Jake doesn’t disappoint with his very cleverly arranged post featuring insights from Ken McCarthy, Michael McCafferty (author of the Diary of a Pool Shooter blog,) Big Daddy Lucious Tibideaux, & Jake Dyer himself.  Check out the great history of St. Elmos in Norfolk Virginia, Allingers in Philadelphia, Texas Recreation in Fort Worth Texas, & Cue & Cushion  in Houston!  Click here!

Continuing our drive down to Florida for John Biddle’s favorite room, stop in at Borderline Billiards in Bristol, TN, owned and operating by Janet Atwell.  It’s a beauty of a room with top notch equipment too.

John BiddleStroker’s Sports Bar & Grill, Palm Harbor FL: PoolSynergy founder John Biddle  wanted to give Stroker’s in Palm Harbor, FL a big shout out with his PoolSynergy post.  Our only location from my home state, John is known for his extremely accurate recommendations so this post is a must see for those traveling to the Sunshine state.  Equipped with photos and all, learn all about John’s favorite pool hall here!

MelindaRusty’s Billiards, Fort Worth, TX: Melinda of Pool is a Journey, chose Rusty’s Billiards in Fort Worth, TX as her favorite pool hall.  Featuring videos, photos and a breakdown of the room, Melinda’s sure to convince any player visiting the Fort Worth area that Rusty’s Billiards is a pool hall to see. Check out what’s so awesome about Rusty’s Billiards here!  

garypool2Bullshooter’s, Phoenix, AZ: Gary Frerking is a shooter out of Vegas who is missing his times spent at Bullshooter’s in Phoenix, AZ.  While happy to be playing pool in general, Gary wishes some of the comforts and accommodations of Bullshooter’s would follow him into the Vegas pool scene.  though he did provide Las Vegas visitors with a full directory of information on the Vegas pool hall availability.  Click here for Gary’s opinions on why Bullshooter’s is his main squeeze of a pool hall.

poolriahHard Time Billiards, Bellflower, CA: Poolriah decided to gush about the ever popular pool hall in Bellflower, California, Hard Times Billiards.  Quirky, Funny, Sarcastic & Charming, Poolriah’s reads are always entertaining.  Hard Times Billiards is known for it’s great action and frequent visits from some of the top players around the world.  Check out what Poolriah loves about Hard Times Billiards here!

PCNGame room, San Fernando Valley, CA: PoolCueNews guy decide to add his own little spin of favorites by adding an “Entertainment Center” to our road trip?  What you ask?  Located in the lovely San Fernando Valley (or "the valley" as Frank and Moon Unit Zappa so eloquently put it,) this place offers pool, bowling, arcade, booze, food, etc.     To find out exactly where the game room heaven is, click here!

On the way back home, pop into Las Vegas, stick a quarter in the slots & see if we can bankroll the rest of our trip.  While there, check out Pool Sharks, home of the infamous OMGWTF vs. Borana match.  Bring a ventilator, the smoke is a bit thick!   Afterwards, stop in the Wynkoop Brewery, located in Denver, CO  and get some shots in on Melissa Little’s tight pocket Brunswick in the front!  It’ll keep you honest!!  While there, give a shout out to the Cherry Bomb herself, Samm Diep!  Then onward to …

Mike FieldhammerFargo Billiards & Gastropub in Fargo, ND: Mike Fieldhammer fills us in on the North Dakota pool hall with links to past things he’s written about visits to this pool room.  He’s even included some great photos.  Located just 4 hours north of Minneapolis, check out Mike’s breakdown of Fargo Billiards here!

Before heading to Markus Hofstaetter’s favorite place, drive by Mickey’s Billiards in Schofield, WI & visit with KOD cutie Alison Fischer!  Her family runs the place & they are sure to provide some “cheesy” Wisconsin charm!

MarcusOnward to Marie’s Golden Cue in Chicago, IL: Markus Hofstaetter’s choice of rooms is Marie’s Golden Cue in Chicago!  With it’s eye catching sign outside announcing, “We have Smooth Shafts & Clean Balls,” you are surely not going to miss the room, or a good time.  Check out Markus’ article by clicking here!

Then it’s back to the Big Apple where you can fly ANYWHERE in the world and check out some more amazing pool halls internationally!  I’ve include Raxx Pool Room in West Hempstead, LI on my road trip as the owner Holden Chin is amazing, the room is fantastic, great music at night and the food is off the HOOK!!!

Thanks for reading this month of PoolSynergy and please, go out and visit/support your local pool rooms.  Buy a drink or a sandwich.  Give an hour of your time to practice or shoot balls with friends.  Tip the bartenders and wait staff thoughtfully.  The more we support them and the room, the better chance they WON’T end up on Jake Dyer’s “Great Pool Halls That Are No More” list.  Support the game we love.  Support your local room.


~ by g2 on February 15, 2011.

9 Responses to “Where in the World is Your Favorite Pool Hall?”

  1. first!

    thanks for the cool intro smassy! great job this month and you even did a super duper video of your fave room!

  2. Great job, Gail! I loved the map – NICE TOUCH!

  3. Great topic and a terrific writeup of a tour of 1st class pool establishments. Some day I’ll take a road trip and visit them all.

  4. So I played around with your map a little and discovered that the route would take merely 104 days to walk. Not bad.

    Much to my chagrin, I then noticed Google’s warning “Use caution – This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths.” so I guess I’ll have to pass on the trek.

    Great job on the hosting, GG.

  5. I haven’t been everywhere, but the list is not complete without a visit to Magoo’s in Tulsa, OK. One of my all-time favorite rooms 🙂

  6. Rockin’ good stuff Ms. Squared! You’re pretty good in front of a camera, especially for an accountant. Thanks for taking my last minute submission btw.

  7. GREAT TOPIC!!! Almost tempted to do a new blog-article on my dead blog just to do a review of One Side in Manila 🙂 Keep up the good work folks!

  8. If you post it, or do a review, I’ll add it to the list!! 🙂

    Gary, let’s just drive it … what do you say! 🙂

    PCN — thx dude … guess I’m not your typical accountant!

  9. I fell in love with Amsterdam Billiards from the day I 1st limped in on a cold Thursday evening in January 2011. My boss let me off early due to my busted knee (dam ice storm). I was going home, but my friend stopped me & told me that all of the people on my PC Screensaver plays @ Amsterdam just 14 blocks south of my job. So I proceeded to go south on Park ave. not knowing what to expect. Never been there, just heard of the place. I thought to myself are the people going to be nice or jerks? I’ve seen the videos & know the place is nice. Just, wondering on the people. When I saw the red neon lights I got nervous (don’t know why) a smile was starting to crank out. My mind was racing of all the videos on all the great shooters. Tried to get in the corner door, but noticed the entrance on the side. I walked through the door & became flush with energy greatness. The Black Widow, my fav, since I was a teen. On the wall in canvas, looking great & focus like always. I had this tingle in me that couldn’t stop. I didn’t want it to either. I look to my right & see the row of beautiful tables & the shooters buzzing about on them. It reminded me of a hive. Walked up to the check in desk, ask a couple of questions on rates. The rates are nice I must say. Guy was cool too. Went over to the bar & got me a Bud (price is good for NYC, Jersey boy here we pay less). I placed my work bag down turned around to watch the action going on. I was sitting in front of the pit. Saw this wild hair dude William Fuentes just practicing his game. He made this wild, hard shot & looked up to see if anyone witnessed it. I pointed to him with a thumb up. He smiled back. Then I saw The Ice Man Mika walking to the bar. He seemed cold & ready to cut you with his stare. I introduced myself to him as a fan. It finally came to me that this guy is cool…he was nice as ever. The reason why he looks the way he does because he focused on his game (came to an instant realization), thus the game face. I made myself comfortable walked around to see the tables & matches going on. That’s when I saw the man The Silent Assassin Tony Robles playing out a 9 ball rack. Members of KOD were sitting & watching. Walked out to smoke a stoge, an announcement came over the speaker of Gail’s B-day (Captain of KOD G-Squared). Saw her outside, introduced myself to her & told her I was a fan of KOD & Pool (of all types). She was gracious to invite me to sit by her table & watch the matches. I felt honored…I was sitting down with the captain of a team I’ve been following on the web. Hanging, with her crew. I was introduced to Emily D. (Who shot in the pit) Tony R., Borana A., after her match & the rest of the crew (bad @ names, not faces though). I had a great time in a great place. I loved it because of the people. I was afraid that I was going to be met with arrogant people & trash talker. All I saw was the opposite. Players who were serious, focused even the novice like me not even trash talking (I hate talking trash) showing love for the sport & respecting it. I told myself that I have to come back & bring people here. I did I started with my team mate on a Saturday & he loved it. Saw the same things that I saw for loving the place. I plan to make it there every other Saturday. Amsterdam has stepped my game & love for the sport to another level. Thank you Gail, Tony, Borana, Emily & Mika for having me & showing me a great place with cool great @ss people.
    Amsterdam Billiards club is my #1
    By: Arthur H. Fort Lee, NJ

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