Pool Players are SMOKIN!

NaldoBDay09---22Hi remember me?  Yeah, I’m the girl that went MIA for over a month.  I’m sorry.  Sad smile  Been playing catch up since Vegas and yes, I plan on discussing Vegas in another post at some point.  Vegas was a great experience but this post is for my smoking pool players out there

… and I know there are A LOT of you!

I turned 30 this past February and made a birthday demand (not wish, demand) to myself that my 30s would be healthy.  This meant I had to quit smoking! I was never a HEAVY smoker.  I could go days if I didn’t have a drink or play pool.  But since pool is quite a big part of my life, I found more and more, I would light up. I was at maybe 3-5 cigs a day.  Still, not a lot, but every time my doctor asked if I was a smoker, I hated saying, “CASUALLY” and getting the lecture.

Pool & smoking, just go so naturally together.  Like PB&J. 

So, I marked the SBE would be my last tournament smoking.  I ‘enjoyed’ my last days of smoking to the EXTREME. I smoked a full pack by Day 2 & almost resented the cigs already.  I overindulged to the point of sickness … that was how I kicked off the quitting.

The first week was fine.  I didn’t play any pool or drink so it was much easier.  Plus, I was still ill from all I’d smoked over the weekend.  But after a while, pool, drinks and friends lead to temptation and though I resisted, I knew I NEEDED a better defense to the temptations going forward. 

I’d seen E-Cigarettes advertised but had never tried it.  My good friend Ron Mason was kind enough to let me borrow his.  It worked pretty good, not great, but I got through a drinking fest without smoking so I was thrilled.  My first REAL temptation, and I’d conquered it.  (Thank you Ron!)

So I did some research online, read tons of reviews and concluded that SmokeTip was the best choice for me.

Neslihan Gurel - WilliamFuentes.com

I bought the kit for $60, and haven’t looked back….

Since March 13th, I’ve been smoke-free.  I play pool, drink, hang around smokers, and I’m still smoke-free.  I even went to the Vegas BCA tournament and didn’t have ONE CIGARETTE!  That was my biggest test, and I passed!  Easily too actually, thanks to my E-Cig. 

My friends smoking around me was always a problem in my quitting.  I wanted to be with them, outside, shootin the shit, smoking.  Now, I still do all that I love to do, but I’m not killing my body in the process. 

The thing about quitting, you have to REALLY want to quit.  It can’t be because people are telling you to, your doctor says to, wife/husband, money problems, etc.  YOU HAVE TO WANT IT for YOURSELF.  Any other way, just doesn’t have the foundation/motivation needed to quit.

I’ve definitely seen a difference in my breathing, my health, my skin, everything.  I feel younger. 

Amazing how it took getting older for me to feel younger.

I highly recommend my smoking friends out there give SmokeTip.com a visit.  They have tons of flavors (Menthol is my fav) with varying levels of Nicotine and even Nicotine free.  Taste wise, you can’t tell the difference between the refills with and without nicotine.

I’m happy to report many of my smoking buddies are already in their first stages of quitting with SmokeTip cigs.  I’m thrilled to have been a starter for many of them to quit and want to report YOU ALL OWE ME A DRINK!  Smile 

And right now, SmokeTip is offering their starter kits, Buy One, Get One Free!  It’s the best time for you and a friend to quit smoking!!  Just put a kit in your cart, then add the code BUY1GET1 …. half off pricing!



~ by g2 on June 10, 2011.

3 Responses to “Pool Players are SMOKIN!”

  1. Way to go Gail! As i mentioned to you on facebook, i was a pack and a half a day smoker. I think it is great that you bring this topic up, and i would like to add to it.
    To everyone trying to quit smoking, don’t quit quitting. I, like Gail, really enjoyed my cigs…but it wasn’t until i finally quit after 3 yrs of trying, that i found the freedom of not having to smoke. I have now been 3 yrs totally smoke free and like i said, What A Freedom!


  2. I’ve been smoking since, I was 8yrs old, 34 now. My older brothers got me hooked @ a young age. Wish I never started. I thought it was the coolest thing. These days I feel like an ass for ever starting. Tried to quit so many times, I feel like a joke. I’m a slave to stoges. (a pack & a half a day) The longest I’ve lasted was 9 months. That was 15yrs ago. I can feel it weakening me. I have to quit soon. The E-cigs you mention looks like my only chance to finally free myself from this nasty, murderous, money hungry habit.

    I remember the 1st time I met you was over a stoge. I was outside after hearing your B-day announcement, the Thurs before your b-day. I was outside puffing away. You asked pair outside if they have a smoke. They had reds, you was like “can’t be choosey”. I said I have a newy & you were all down for it. I remember T-man asking me how we met. I told him outside over a stoge. His response,”I hate when she does that, I don’t smoke”. Well the next time I go to ABC, I hope to share an e-cig with you. I’m happy for you & thank you for pointing out e-cigs.

    Fort Lee, NJ

  3. Failed…I caved in. What a chump.

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