Top 10 Donkey Moments

PoolSynergy PicCherry Bomb asked us for a Top 10 List … hmmm … I pondered, kicked around and squandered away hours of the summer thinking of what to write then last night after a dope miss of the 8-ball, I thought, EUREKA! 

As many of my fellow pool players can agree, the times you failed in pool seem to haunt you so much more than the times you succeed.  The What If I had, the couldn’t it have been, and the why did I dos plague the Psyche…’ll narrow down my top 10 most embarrassing moments in pool… It should be a good roasting of double g… 

10. The Oops I Shot the Wrong Ball…

So this is just the general donkey move of, shooting the wrong ball.  Whether you shot the 2-ball, and forgot the 1-ball was still on the table or you shot a stripe and oops, you were solids, all of us have done this at some point in our career, and so have I.  Eeeh-Ahhh.

9. Team 9-Ball Playoffs, 2009, Playing against Jennifer Barretta:

#10Getting 4 on 9 from Jen, I was winning the match 8-7 in a race to 9 against a role model of mine, the beautiful JBar.  While Jen wasn’t playing her normal run out pool, I was playing really, really well and capitalized on a few of her mistakes.  Our coach Stu Mattana was watching and I really wanted to make him proud.  After a scratch by Jen on the 4 ball,  I had ball in hand with the 5,6,8,9 & was on the hill.  In my haste/excitement to win the match, I missed a dog-proof ball in hand 5-ball.  OUCH!  Sad smile Jen ran out the rack and the following one too after a successful safety and we lost the playoffs…. Mommy!

8. Ultimate 10 Championships 2011, Livestream Match against Kyoko Sone:

#9After an embarrassing 1st round livestream match against Angel earlier in the tourney (see below), I again found myself on the livestream against Kyoko.  The first rack showcased how incredibly unprepared I was for that pressure….. after a missed 9-ball by Kyoko, I made the 9-ball and got long position on the 10-ball.  #9 pt 2

I then missed the 10-ball by nearly a full diamond.  You can see the AWFUL steering of my cue in the picture. Who let’s donkey’s on a livestream?

#9 pt 3

7. Monica Webb, WPBA Satellite Tour Stop, July 2009, 9-Ft Table: donut_mishapI drew Monica 1st Round.  I said I wasn’t nervous … HA!  Not that I was gonna win the match anyway but there were at least 3 racks where she left me 3-ball routine outs & I could not capitalize on.  I lost the match 7-0. Hello donut!

# 8

6.  Vegas BCA Singles, Christina De La Garza Match, 2008, Bar Table:

After being up 3-0 in a Race to Four, I dogged this 8-ball to win 4-0.  She won 4 in a row to beat me 4-3.  Afterwards, CDLG went on to win like 5 more matches, ended up in 17th place & $500 in the tourney.  Before we became friends, I only knew her as $500 girl – my beautiful reminder that I dogged it.  WOOF WOOF!


5.  Mezz Women’s Tour Stop, 2011, Finals against Supadra Geronimoooooo Smile 9-Ft Tables:  # 5 pt 1

After a grueling day of play, Supi had to beat me twice in the finals to win.  I was ahead the first set 6-3 and missed countless outs to close the tournament.  She won the first set and #5 pt 2decisively won the 2nd set.   There were 2 big time donkey moments in this finals.  And to make it more painful, these misses were in front of my friends and the crowd, on my home turf.  Aye Mami! 

4. Ultimate 10-ball Championships, 2011, Livestream Match against Angel Paglia, 9-Ft Table:

The below pic, I missed hardcore.  Just missed it. Didn’t take my time or respect the shot enough.  In my head I was thinking, it’s gonna be 2-2 against Angel Paglia, WOW!!  I should have instead been saying, stay down, focus on the aim point, follow through in a dead straight line .. since my ego was talking instead of my sanity, it’s donkey time!!!

#4 image

3. University of Florida SEC Semi-finals, 2001, Hill/Hill:

#3 up(For the record I didn’t know what hill/hill was back then.) In college, I didn’t know much more than follow and draw (I knew draw, I couldn’t actually draw the ball back though.) I was on UF’s Billiards Team and somehow I made it to the Semi Finals of the SEC Tourney. My opponent had gone to nationals the previous year so I was definitely nervous about playing her. Somehow I got to hill/hill against her and she made the 9-ball and Scratched!! Wow, I was gonna beat her … Not so Fast There Kid. I got my first lesson in extreme follow, and humility.

2.  Tri-State Invitational, 2007, Finals against Christian Smith, 9-Foot Table:

This was really early in my career and to be in the finals of a big event like the Invitationals is still a fluke to me but whatev.  In the match, I remember being was up like 8-3 or something in a race to 9.  Christian played safe, after safe, after safe and my D player ass couldn’t do a damn thing about it.  At hill/hill though, Christian surprisingly missed the 6 ball.  With 6/8/9 on the table, I potted a hanging 6-ball then proceeded to display the worst fundamentals anyone ever had.  I jumped and steered so bad on the 8-ball, I missed it by at least a diamond.  Christian won the invitational and I settled for 2nd. 


1.  8-ball, Vegas Team Event, Hill/Hill KOD 2007, Bar Table: 

The below shot I spent a lot of hours crying over.  In a nut shell, my entire team counted on me making this ball for us to continue on in the tourney.  After a great shot to get on the 8-ball this way, I watched the 8-ball hang.  A full recap of this shot is HERE.  <-Click Me.

This shot was one of the best things to happen to me in pool.  I think of this shot and it’s importance on my career quite often.  It made me so much stronger   



It is ONLY because of ALL these mistakes that I could possibly have had the biggest Non-Donkey Moment of my Life Smile  Remember and Reflect on the Mistakes …. they are Gateways to Your Successes. 

Naldo recording BCA Championships

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

~Michael Jordansamm

For more Top 10 Lists, Check Out Samm’s Recap for this month of PoolSynergy.  Enjoy! 


~ by g2 on August 15, 2011.

8 Responses to “Top 10 Donkey Moments”

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  2. OMG! I LOVE this post!!!
    Finally able to go through and actually read what everyone wrote now. Love & Miss ya!

  3. You have a way with words Gail……love that you can laugh at yourself…..i can relate to the donkey moments very much!! I think we have both missed the same shots, as many other people will admit to if they are honest!
    God love ya 🙂


  4. Great article!

    And that Michael Jordan video is probably the greatest commercial I’ve ever seen. Such a deep truth coming from such a big star, it’s just awesome.

  5. Love to hear that even amazing players like you have shot pool like me. There’s a long history of successful players who realize that to succeed faster you must fail faster.

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  7. Love the way you write, its like treasure. Pool Synergy is treasure. 20 Writers. 10Things is a wealth of information. I’m the “Oops I shot the wrong ball” =(

    Thanks Gail,

    Arthur H. FL, NJ

  8. Excellent post – loved it!

    Boy, it’d be tough for me to whittle my fluffs down to a list of ten – ha!

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