A Healthy Dose of Thanks

poolsynergy4The beautiful, talented and always clever Trigger asked us PoolSynergy bloggers to let the pool world know what we are thankful for.  Given my current pool hiatus due to major shoulder malfunction, I’m gonna be uber cliché and say, my health.  While technically I’m not at 100%, I remind myself that it could be worse and to be thankful for what I’ve got. 

NY-Subway-photo-co-nycsubwaynews-comAnyone that rides the subway here in NYC has gotten close to the edge of the platform and thought,

‘god it would REALLY suck to fall down there.”  “Oh god, what if someone pushed me!”  “I could die, be electrocuted or eaten by the gorilla rats!!” Tony reminds me all the time to always step away from the edge if someone walks close by JUST IN CASE they get the urge to go all ‘Manson’ on me .. 

So in my usual paranoid fashion, I was jamming to my IPOD last week when this guy just wouldn’t stop staring at me. 

No seriously I’m talking about that REALLY inappropriate ‘yes he’s mentally undressing me RIGHT NOW’ stare but with that hint of serial killer mixed in.  My girls know what I’m talking about. 

Well that triggered a whole slew of bad thoughts and one was, ‘oh god what if he pushes me RIGHT as the train’s coming?  What would happen?  OMG, if I didn’t die, what if the train ripped off a limb?  Oh god, what if I lost my arm.  I couldn’t play pool!’ 

Aside from my RIDICULOUS imagination, I also noted my near death psychosis didn’t fail to weighed in the ‘I couldn’t play pool’ thought analysis. 

Because of crazy thoughts like these, I guess I can put into perspective my current ‘benched’ status.  So in the spirit of Melinda’s beautiful PoolSynergy topic, I’d like to give thanks for my health and ability to play this game.  I’m thankful for the agility to play.  I’m thankful for the mental capacity to play.  I’m thankful overall that I only face minor obstacles in my pool player life. 

Challenges will come up that test us in life and it’s up to us if we allow them to hold us back or fight off that adversity.

Love this scene from ‘The Legend of Bagger Vance.’

“You’re daddy is out sweeping streets because he took every last dime he had, and used it to pay up every man and woman he owed and every business who worked for him, instead of declaring bankruptcy like everyone else in town, including your best friend Wilbur Charles’ dad, Raymond, which is why <your dad> is able to sit around all day long on his dignity! You’re daddy stared adversity in the eye, Hardy. And he beat it back with a broom. “


~ by g2 on November 15, 2011.

4 Responses to “A Healthy Dose of Thanks”

  1. Take care of that shoulder and get well soon, gorgeous! “Thanks” for being YOU! Miss ya 😉

  2. Funny how the mind works, isn’t it? Pool obviously has become a very BIG part of your life. Get well soon and take Tony’s advice to heart. A little caution doesn’t make you paranoid, but it could make a difference. Thanks for sharing such a personal moment.

  3. Hey double “G”:

    Very funny when Tony reminds you to step back away from the edge or someone will go Manson on you…………LMAO. But he’s right……..there are some real prizes out there in the world……..but stick with Senor Robles….he will always be worried about you and your minimal years here in the Big Apple. “Always pay attention to your surroundings”, which is how I remind my Mrs. everytime I am not there to watch over her. She is an earbud woman too…………Glad to hear that you are taking it easy on the rotator cuff………give it time and re-assess your posture on the table going forward. C U when I C’s U

  4. I’m thankful for all that you contribute to the pool world, GG. I’m thankful to find the outlets that you’re affiliated to. I’m thankful to all the people in Pool that makes this sport awesome.

    Arthur H.
    FL, NJ

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