PT Aftermath & Revelations

williamfuentes.comSo many people have asked me about my shoulder. I’m really amazed at the thoughtfulness of the pool community. At this weekend’s Predator event, I was overwhelmed by how many people noticed I was gone the last two months and actually knew why.  Big mouth Tony I suppose. 

The two questions I get asked most are, “How’s your shoulder?” & “Did you think the PT was worth it?”

So, the shoulder is doing phenomenally well.  At this weekend’s Predator Pro/Am tournament I played well.  I was quite happy with my performance considering the rendezvous I had.  Mentally, it was like riding a bicycle.  After the first rack of my first match, I went into the zone of focus and didn’t look back.  And what was best, I didn’t have my shoulder nagging on my thoughts.  In fact, at 8pm on Saturday I skipped to Tony at the TD desk and said, Ask me if it hurts.  Ask me?”  partial subscapularis tear web

TR, “Does it hurt?”  …

GG, “Does what hurt? .. HA HA!” 

I was so thankful to not have pain.  In fact the only pain I felt was during my last match of the night and it was my back and neck.  Clearly this was out of shape pain, not injury pain. 

As for PT.  Let me debunk some misconceptions I had about PT….

The massage:  WHAT MASSAGE? No seriously.  I heard about these great massages on the insurance company’s dime.  Well, maybe a tug or stretch here or there felt good but my armpit saw most of the action. 

Yeah, the ARMPIT! You’ll never see Qi Gong Armpit Special listed at massage parlor because the armpit is NOT a pleasure point.  It frickin hurts, is uncomfortable, and trust me, ticklish is the least of your worries.  The thumb up my armpit and digging into the infraspinatus muscle.  OOOOWWWW!  Oh, then the rolling across the torn tendon & bicep muscle, yeah, that was fun.  And lifting up under the shoulder blade and digging deep into that too, what the #$@?  Then there’s the stretching, the rowing, moving parts that haven’t moved in a year, and coming home and doing it again. 

GailRainbow-2012-1For the record, PT is work and pain.  But it appears it’s been successful for me.  I will have to do these exercises the rest of my life.  I have a weak left shoulder and tendons don’t like to heal quickly.  I injured other muscles and joints around my shoulder like my bicep, neck and lower back as my body compensated for the injury.  Those areas must now be strengthened to take the workload off my weak shoulder & help prevent future problems. 

And then there’s my core.  So anyone that’s seen me in person knows, I’m more of a pear shaped girl rather than an apple.  Love me or hate me, I’ve never gained weight in my stomach but rather my butt and thighs take the cake …  literally! 

So since my stomach has never needed much work I NEVER work it out.  No sit-ups, no core training at all.  I’m a squats, steps, and boxing kind of girl. dead bugWell, turns out the core is like REALLY important to body’s maintenance and injury prevention.  So they started me on a dead bug move … HA!  I suck at it because my core is HORRIBLE! I surely didn’t miss my career as a pilates instructor, balancing act artist, or anything involving grace!  I’m a pear-shaped klutz!  I’m improving but core training is a goal of mine for 2012.

The shoulder aches more on cold, raining days, but the majority of the time, it feels really good.

All in all, thank you for the shout outs of encouragement and here’s to all of us having a healthy 2012!

Oh and Go Giants!


~ by g2 on January 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “PT Aftermath & Revelations”

  1. Keep working through it, Gail! I can only imagine what it’s like ~ although I’ve had enough problems of my own lately with my eyes :-/

    I just finished up watching Max Eberle’s 14.1 Worlds match against Ray Martin minutes ago… and the commentators mentioned you (indirectly) during it, then I see this new post. Kinda eerie 🙂

  2. U have it girl! Move forward! May tinder, spark to fire!

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