Hurricanes in New York City?

IMG_2694The last 72 hours have been an overload of 24/7 news reports, flooding, power outages, no mass transit and mostly just the inner walls of my apartment with Tony & KC.  Cabin fever is in full effect.

But we are very lucky.  Some pool friends went through horror stories during the event.  One friend was stranded helplessly on the 2nd floor of a neighbor’s house desperate for rescuers to come.  Another saw the 1st floor completely flooded while cars floated by.  So many don’t have power.  So many just want a warm shower, safe water, a moment alone with a charged IPhone.  The friendly sound of a television.  Gas lines that aren’t miles long.  Hell one friend went to a Chase Bank blocks up to share a charging station with strangers.

Lower Manhattan is flooded and without power.  Hoboken has a curfew.  Embers still smoke at Breezy Point.  People are still missing.  Central Park is closed because so many trees are down and dangerous.  Subways are not operating yet.  You can only drive over a bridge or tunnel into Manhattan with a minimum of 3 people in your car. 

Both Battery Park, part of the FDR and West Side highway all were under water.  Nearly 2 MILLION people don’t have power! 

We rode our bikes through some of lower Manhattan and it’s eerie.  There’s very few cars.  No functioning street lights.  Businesses are closed due to no electricity.  We were there around 5pm, typically rush hour, and we had so many roads completely to ourselves.  It’s like a ghost town.  Then dark falls and it’s flat out scary.  So dark you can’t see your own hand in front of you unless a car’s headlights happen to drive back or a person wearing a makeshift miner’s headband. 

New York City, quiet.  Didn’t think THAT was possible.

We live on an elevated part of the island.  We didn’t lose power.  We watch the news and are reminded how lucky we are.

Hurricanes that hit Florida in 2011: 0   NY: 1

Hurricanes that hit Florida in 2012: 0  NY: 1


Below are pictures we took in our area.  I’ve included some pictures I saw online that floored me. 

Count your blessings and God Bless. 


~ by g2 on October 31, 2012.

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