Provoke Stroke Choke

10 in the sideI love the George Lopez show & I don’t understand how it was ever cancelled.  On a Nick at Nite rerun last night, George dreams that his mom Benny (who normally is a ruthless, insulting, mean old broad) was actually a sweet, gentle, loving mom who coddled a young George through childhood.  In this upside-down dream, George is the one who plays second fiddle to his best friend Ernie when usually it’s the other way around.  Ernie is married to hot Angie instead of George.  George is the simple factory worker instead of the factory boss and George is unconfident, weak & introverted — all polar opposites of what his character usually portrays on the show.  He wakes from him dream thankful that his mom was rough on him during his childhood because it toughen him up for the challenges that life threw at him in adulthood.

People & challenges in life actually help you grow stronger, help you manage the tough times better and navigate the unchartered paths in life with more ‘COJONES’ 

IMG_2579I was recently raised to a ‘B’ in Team 9-ball.  I’m pretty sure it was an accident but it’s ok.  I’m putting on the brave face of ownership.  It’s kinda stupid the way the mind is sometimes.  A routine 4-ball out when I was a C+ was kid’s play before but now, I look at it, and my peripheral vision sees judgment all around and I SWEAR they are saying, ‘Let’s just see how much of a B she really is!!!”


A D+ donkey move escapes my body and boom, I sit in my B speed imposter seat and watch my cool, calm, collected, rock star opponent seal the deal in oh so smooth fashion.

It’s all in the head.  The balls aren’t different.  The stage is the same.  The actors of the play haven’t been recast. It’s all identical, but my damn head isn’t understanding this.  It just sees the letter B and it’s FREAKING out!

I see veteran players in the league and do the math in my head and my ‘OH SHIT’ meters starts wailing:

Virginia BeachI only get 2 games playing Wan Tom in a race to 8?  I gotta give Naomi 3 in a race to 8?  I don’t wanna play LSU Tony even!  No way, I gotta give weight to Her! HIM! Them!Who?



As a captain, it’s my job to tell a newly raised teammates, “It’s just another game dude.  You can do it.  Don’t even think about it.”  But they’re just words and words often can’t permeate the brick wall of fear that builds with a freshly raised handicap.

It really is just one game.  It’s just now you gotta OWN the mistakes you make and acknowledge that each additional mistake at the B speed may just cost you the match now. 

I’ll forge on because frankly what choice do I have anyway.  I’m too passionate about the game to not continue and there’s a part of me that LOVES that I got raised.  I have been playing better and more consistent and for some computer program to take note of that, well, I’ll accept the digital compliment. 


~ by g2 on November 10, 2012.

4 Responses to “Provoke Stroke Choke”

  1. Hello my dear……..I try to refrain from trumping your accolades because I sure do not enjoy making you unhappy to say the least, despite your continued love of the game and life itself. Therefore, I will happily tell you that you are ACES in my world and a fine woman overall…….Now you know me ..and I’m not shy ……so simply be the A+ you are always and continue to pocket the ball always and when necessary WIN WIN WIN!!!!!! Afterall…when you win the game alone…you have beaten your psycheeee and the handicap consequently simultaneously.. C U WHEN IS C’s U

  2. Oh and you must reread your “Bitch Slapped By a Donut” Blog…………a true reminder of where you were and how far you have come…………that read was a hoot………LMAO

  3. My goodness, do I know this feeling. I’m new to the local APA and after a few matches I was ranked as a 7 in 9-ball. I was new to everyone there; and there are only a few 7’s in the league, so when I had to play, the pressure of proving myself to my new team was so heavy I felt utterly trapped at times. In some of the early matches, I put up scores that you would expect from a 4. I did eventually get over that and now even if I have to give someone 25 point handicap, I don’t worry about it as much as I did.

    Similarly, in my local in-house league, I’m currently a B – we just finished the session, if the numbers are right, I took 1st place. Which is awesome, but I would be shocked if I’m not raised to an A for next session. I’m okay with that; it’s one of my goals from this year, but the thought of not getting 2 games from some of the other A players is scary… as is giving 2 or 4 games to other B or C players we have.

    In the end, you already know what has happen. You already know the words you need to hear and you know how to motivate yourself to overcome this complimenting challenge. Best of luck to you!

  4. Permeate not “Permeated” the walls of fear. lol Got to keep you on your toes. Correcting is a Teacher habit I can’t correct. Sorry, I still love you, that’s all that matters.

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