Absence Makes the Stroke Go Yonder

Sooo, I most definitely have been MIA. What’s happened since we last left off…

2013-01-19 - NYCGrind - BrianLeong - Steinway Predator ProAM - 00771. I have played next to ZERO quality pool.  How am I suppose to write a pool blog without any pool to discuss?  My time is just the Predator Pro/Am Tour stops, a few Amsterdam & Society Team 9-Ball matches and 2 Straight Pool matches at ABC.  So, in about 3 months, I’ve played, hmmm, say 40 hours of pool.  All in competition, none in practice/drill mode.  And my results showcase my lack of dedication.  You get what you put in and any match I’ve won, I probably didn’t deserve to win.  There’s a BIG difference in me winning a match, and my opponent losing a match.  I usually don’t count the latter … unless I don’t like you.  Then I revel in it.  MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  <- Evil laugh.

I am more eager than ever to play.  It’s been hard to stomach playing far below my ability.  I was on a good roll in the late Fall.  Got raised to the ‘B’ and felt pretty invincible.  Well, as invincible as a B can feel, then WACK!  A new big client and tax season sucked my time away from the game and POOF, I feel helpless.  DAMN YOU INCONSISTENCY! 

I’ve always felt I had rather good fundamentals and this solid foundation has bailed me out of some hairy spots when I hadn’t practiced in a while.  But this is such a long period of hiatus and I’ve seen even my fundamentals slipping.  I’m jumpy on shots, I constantly lift my bridge hand before shooting and I rush the last stroke.  These things WILL be corrected post tax season.

I’m looking forward to the month of May.  I’ve got extensive drills and practice sessions I’ve laid out as prep for Vegas in July.

Samm Diep Proof I'm a Piggy!!2.  I’m hella out of shape.  I haven’t worked out, for real in at least 6 months.  It’s pathetic.  I’m disgusted by it.  And I’m not interested in hearing anyone say, “Oh Gail, you look great, blah blah blah.” NO!!  It’s gotten out of hand.  Play time is OVER.  I’m ready to feel the pain, taste the sweat and eat bananas for salvation!!  I’m joining Crunch gym on April 16th.  Game over fatty.

Kim Meyer & I - Humane Society of NY Fundraiser3. The Predator Pro/Am Tour seems stronger than ever.  Last year we switched the tournament format to a split chart A/Bs on top of the bracket & C/Ds on the bottom and they only met up at the end of the tournament.  We had great success with this division in ranks for basically a year, but over time, many of our players improved their game so much that the A/B bracket started to overflow.  We were selling out the A/B bracket, resulting in us turning away players.  I hate doing this, the tour hates doing it and it’s not good for room owners.  So, we’ve now eliminated the split chart and are averaging 60-100 players per event.  It shows that NYC pool is stronger than ever these days. Players are improving and challenging themselves with the strong core of tournaments and leagues the tri-state has to offer. 

If you want to improve your game, you MUST challenge yourself and the tour is a great way to do that.  It hosts the strongest players in all of the Tri-State. 

I’m thrilled with what Tony and I have done for pool in NY.  We cater to nearly 1000 players in our area through the tour and league. (www.PlayNAPL.com).  I feel like we’ve helped the sport survive and grow and I’m proud of our success and contribution. 

Kayci Kool Kicks4. On a personal/professional level, Tony and I were both tested.  Tested on patience, sanity and humanity.  As I’m sure any business owner will tell us, with success comes a backhand of animosity from those not included. Along the road, the test of vengeance dangles in front like a carrot on your path.  An eye for an eye, or maintain humanity in war?  Will you bend to their low forms of behavior, cater to their need for attention, succumb to that which is beneath you?  Be the ringleader amongst the clowns.  Or? Don’t visit the circus.

I’ve learned that once you garner success there will always be people that want to bring you down, either for their own betterment or simply to watch you burn.  Some people just want to watch the world burn as the mighty Alfred (Batman’s Butler) would say. 

Evil intentions only prevail if there’s a “weakness” in your armor.  My takeaway from the experience?  Those who talk the most, usually have the least to say.  A healthy block has given way to peace of mind again.  I don’t want to hurt anyone.  But throw my back against the wall and I’m quite scrappy.

My Fiance5. Oh, and last, but most important of them all…..

Tony and I are engaged to be married.  We wed Oct 12, 2013 in Miami, Florida.  I am marrying a man that fiercely loves me.  Lucky girl I am.

Happy Birthday My April Fool!  Smile


~ by g2 on April 1, 2013.

6 Responses to “Absence Makes the Stroke Go Yonder”

  1. I am So.Right.There with you on the personal health aspect. Haven’t worked out in forever – so tired of feeling like a slob. Looking at my schedule now I wonder how I ever managed to do it before. But, like before, I will have to make time for it.

    And again – Right.There on the skill level/inconsistency. I was on the verge of being upped in one of my leagues, but somehow stayed the same for the new session – and didn’t win a single match. But, at the same time, I’ve won more matches on the side than I have in leagues – no idea how that’s working. The last 3 tournaments I entered, I went 2 and out. It’s like my game just doesn’t show up for any sort of organized pool playing anymore.

    I need to get back to my regularly scheduled practice nights, work on the shots that keep me up at night.

    Thanks for writing this up – it’s always a good kick in my butt to see someone getting amped up to do the things I also have on my on agenda. 🙂

    Stick with it and keep moving forward!! More best wishes to you and Tony in everything you two do! 🙂

  2. All great stuff! Miami FTW!

  3. I coner to fight , which I don’tike. Ima fighter. I don’t care,but morvdcals is key! moral is the key, that unlocks greatneness. lets fight, lets get it on. Really I want 2 kick ass! Slowly my $ is coming. I’m willing to risk it all! just like a Ginky! Lets go some one has to trian me. Don’t give up, Don’t give in! I wan’t u! U r my fight; I look up to you & I want to learn from you!

    If u choose.

    Broke, pool player, who wants to learn from the best,


    p.s. can i get another GINKY Bracealet? Please! I got to a major fight over a game and they ripped my brecealet from me. I wish to kill them, but they left, with me being all beat up! That’s ok ,,,,bring it on! is my motto. The only thing that I care is( The Band THat Is Blue, The Band That Said: Ginky RIP 3-08-11) I want it back again. That was the only band that kept me from being wild. That band…that band, kept me real, real to a shooter. I Want to be that shooter & all that influence the shooter. I fought & lost in a fight, band ripped, but you can’t take me away from greatness.

    Gail I love You & Tony
    I’M Coming!

  4. That bracelt is in my cue case/just miss it it on my right wrist/arm!

  5. Can I have 2 deserve aBracelet 2 earn? yes / no?

  6. Why I can’t hear from you? I love your blog! I’m out of my team now. Don’t know if I want. Thinking of joining a team @ ABC.. Working in NYC & It just makes sense. I know it might be late in the season to shift.

    All in all, please do not stop blogging. Congrats 4 u & T!


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